7 dogs you might NOT expect to see at Crufts

The more unusual pooches at Britain's biggest dog show

7 dogs you might NOT expect to see at Crufts

Sit. Stay. Lie down. The world’s largest dog show is almost here! 

It’s the biggest date in every doggy lover’s diary - CRUFTS

Set up in Victorian times by the late Charles Cruft, it has been celebrating man’s best friend for over 125 years. The mere mention of ‘Crufts’ often conjures up images of perfectly groomed pedigree pooches, but in actual fact there are a great variety of dogs you might not expect to see. From the weird and the wonderful, to life-changing heroic hounds, don’t miss this year’s 'NON' best in show. 

Dogs that aren't pedigree 

Bowser certainly isn’t a pedigree. In fact, this lovely boy was a rescue from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Sally Deegan, 26, suffered from MS which left her depressed and housebound. She decided to adopt Bowser to help keep her company at home. Not only did this friendly pooch help her start to engage with people again and get out more, but he also saved her life after finding her unconscious and rushing to fetch Sally’s husband and alert him. 

Bowser is in the finalist for ‘A Life of Friendship’ category, which celebrates man’s best friend seeing them through hard times. 

Dogs that are Scruffts

This year’s Scruffts competition - the UK's biggest non-pedigree dog event - attracted over 1,400 crossbreeds and their owners. The six main Scruffts winners take a place in the final at Crufts for the 'Scruffts Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year final'. 

Above is the gentle Fleur and her owner Wendy Morris, who won ‘Best Rescue’ at Scruffts. So you'll be seeing this lovely pair along with five other crossbreeds competing this year at Crufts. 

Dogs that are bald 

Dogs without fur! Are you mad? No, but we are CRAZY about these cute Chinese Crested dog that will be taking part in this year’s Crufts. This hairless little chap has a totally bald body with just a mane of hair on his head and some furnishing around his tail and paws.

Dogs in dress up

Dogs aren’t known for their extensive wardrobes, however, if you’ve spent several days grooming your pooch to perfection, you can kind of understand why you might get your pet to don some shoes and trousers whilst popping out for a quick 'leg cocking session' in between competiting.

Dogs that look like their owners 

…Or should it be owners that look like their dogs? There isn’t an official prize for this at Crufts, but it can be fun spotting these looky-likies. We had to do a double take on this Afghan hound duo.

Dogs in prams

Being beautiful is tiring, so we guess these long coated Chihuahuas can be excused for choosing to cruise around Crufts on wheels. Plus they do have tiny, weeny legs which must make walkies a bit more of a chore.

Dogs that are 'getting on a bit'

Most dogs at Crufts are shiny young pups at their peak. 

However, Vinny is neither pedigree NOR young. But this mature chap won 'Golden Oldie’ at Scruffts and will now compete with six others for the overall honour of ‘Family Crossbreed Dog of the Year’ at the world's most famous dog show. Go on ol' boy. 

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