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8 of the most adorable moments from last night’s big film awards

This will have you 'awwing' at your screen

8 of the most adorable moments from last night’s big film awards

Hollywood’s biggest night has been and gone but, as expected, it didn’t go by without a myriad of memorable moments.

John Legend described his wife Chrissy Teigen as a ‘Goddess’ on the red carpet

There were some tear-jerker acceptance speeches, the wrong winner was read out for Best Picture and there were dozens of beautiful red carpet looks as Hollywood's finest gathered to celebrate the greatest cinematic achievements over the past year.

There were also some rather surprised winners, a range of highly-energetic performances and some very strange 'clapping' - if you could call it that. We love you, Nicole Kidman.

But apart from all those moments, there were also a few cute highlights of the night which had us ‘awwing’ at the screen. 

Did you see little eight-year-old Lion actor Sunny Pawar showing off his pearly whites in his adorable tux and bow tie? Or how about actor Dev Patel, whose date for the night was his mum. So cute.

We’ve rounded up some of the cutest moments from this year’s cinematic awards.

Justin Timberlake takes a twirl on the dancefloor with his wife Jessica Biel

Opening the ceremony with his catchy ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’, the former NSYNC singer made sure he got all of the celebs up and dancing. This included his wife Jessica Biel, who he actually started twirling round when he went into the audience.

John Legend and his ‘Goddess’ wife Chrissy Teigen

We didn’t think this loved up couple could be, well, any more loved up, but we were proved wrong when John described his wife as a ‘Goddess’ on the red carpet. 

Ryan Gosling brought his sister to the awards

Just in case you were wondering about the beautiful blond woman pictured next to married La La Land actor Ryan Gosling – don't panic, his wife Eva Mendes hasn't been replaced! The star just decided to bring his sister Mandi along to the ceremony. Cute.

Dev Patel brought his lovely mum along

Talking of bringing family along to the event, Skins star, Dev Patel won over the masses when he brought his Mum Anita Patel along to the ceremony as his guest of honour.

Sunny Pawar looked as cute as could be in his tux and bow tie

If this doesn’t make you 'aww', we don’t know what will! The eight-year-old Lion star put a smile on everyone’s faces as he took to the red carpet in a black tux complete with some trainers. And let’s not forget that adorable smile! All together now ‘awwwww’.


Emma Stone being congratulated by Brie Larson

La La Land legend Emma Stone won Best Actress at the awards. But it was made even a little bit more special when last year’s winner of the same award, Brie Larson, came over and congratulated her.

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Meryl Streep got a standing ovation before the first award was even announced

Earlier this year Meryl Streep became the first ever person to be nominated for 20 Academy Awards, and she was congratulated at the start of the ceremony as host Jimmel Kimmel applauded her. 


Hugs all round for Barry Jenkins and Jordan Horowitz

There was no love lost between La La Land's Jordan Horowitz and Moonlights' Barry Jenkins after the very awkward mix up of who won the Best Picture. The La La Land cast and crew rushed up on stage when Faye Dunaway announced the film as the winner of Best Picture on Sunday night, only to have to hand over the trophy to Moonlight. But the directors were later pictured hugging after the blunder, showing that there was no hard feelings!

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