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Giovanna Fletcher’s guide to travelling with the family this summer

Flight of the Fletchers – it's one bumpy ride!

Giovanna Fletcher’s guide to travelling with the family this summer

Giovanna Fletcher is our new columnist. Author and vlogger (at, she’s married to Tom Fletcher of McFly and mum to sons Buzz, two, and Buddy, four months.  This month it's all about planes, trains, and automobiles. Travelling with children is stressful, says Giovanna, but with the right attitude it can be plain sailing. Prepare for take-off!

Now summer is here, many of you will be taking your families on holiday. You might think, ‘Time for cocktails in the sun!’ But before you can place your bar orders, there’s one obstacle to tackle. The journey. With two little boys, I’ve now become that lady who hovers in the space by the toilets, crazily trying to rock her angelic (ahem!) baby to sleep. I’m not an expert but I’ve travelled a lot with Buzz, and even flown to Australia, so here are a few tips I’ve learnt along the way...

1. Be organised

I try to pack a week before we go anywhere so I have time to remember all the things I’ve forgotten. Failing that, write a list. Lists never fail.

2. Take spare clothes

Even if you’re lucky enough not to have a child who explodes out of their nappy, you can bet that the one time it happens, you’ll be trapped – thousands of feet in the air – surrounded by strangers. 


Permanently in his hands at the moment. #cars ❤️xx

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3. Bring toys

...Or puzzles, flash cards and, dare I say it, an iPad! If kids get fidgety, let them watch a film. They’re more likely to kick off if they’re bored. 

4. Don’t fret about other passengers

I’m not saying let your children kick the back of their seat, but most people will have experienced travelling with kids before. One time, I was sure the other passengers hated me when Buzz had a meltdown. I cried. Later, I was surprised by their sympathetic looks and words of encouragement. 


And we didn't lick the spoon more than once... Honest! ��❤️xx

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5. Give little ones something to suck on during take-off and landing 

This helps to relieve painful pressure on their ears. I give Buzz an Ella’s Kitchen food pouch and that does the trick.

Bonus tip

Breathe. Then breathe some more. 

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