Asda Christmas

A magical Christmas Imaginarium!

It's going to be the Best. Christmas. Ever.

A magical Christmas Imaginarium!

You are cordially invited to enter our magical Christmas imaginarium! Everyone at our festive workshop has been hard at work preparing everything you need to make this year the best Christmas ever. And now we are ready to show you the secrets behind our fantastical festive ranges

Take a look at our team of miniature Christmas workers perfecting our Extra Special canapés. If you think a party nibble deserves a bit of spice then you’ll love our Mexican range featuring Pulled Chicken Wraps, Spicy Bean Tacos and delicious Chicken Sliders. 

Or stack our Extra Special Mini Cottage Pie Bites into a festive centrepiece (thanks for the inspiration, Christmas helpers) and serve up some Extra Special BBQ Pulled Pork Waffles, which are sure to be an absolute winner with your guests.

Then for the main course - take a leaf out of our pop-up Christmas dinner book and create a meal that any chef would be proud of. Pick up one of our Extra Special Turkeys, in whatever weight suits your family, and serve with our light and fluffy Wagyu Beef Dripping Potatoes, delicious meaty gravy and all the trimmings.

On to dessert, and the kids will love nothing better than smashing through the top of our White Chocolate Smash Igloo and seeing the milk chocolate snowballs roll out.

Finally, for something a bit special – and definitely for adults only – take a peek into our futuristic gin room where shots of gin have been added to make Extra Special Gin and Sloe Gin Belgian Truffles. In fact, who says you have to wait until Christmas to get your hands on these? We won’t tell if you don’t…

Where will Grandad and Brooke go next? Maybe the lift will take them to the snowy frozen forest…you will have to wait and see!

Explore all of our fantastic Christmas creations online at our Christmas shop, where you can plan your menu, stock up for parties and start your present shopping.