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Asda customers’ cleaning tips

Resourceful Asda shoppers share their savvy cleaning tips on Facebook

Asda customers’ cleaning tips

Being part of the Asda community is all about sharing ideas to help each other, and it’s even better when our customers do it – so thanks to the thousands of people who shared their great ideas for making the household chores less of a stress.

'Put lemon juice in your microwave on full power for a minute. When it’s finished your microwave should wipe clean and smell fresh.' - Clare Dunn

We received lots of great tips, both for making cleaning more fun, and for dealing with specific problems, in response to one of our Facebook posts.

The most popular tips

One of the most popular tips for making cleaning more pleasurable was to listen to music while you go. Turning household chores into a game with the kids was also a popular suggestion.

We received loads of inspired tricks for cleaning things, with a number of people saying that that putting lemon juice in the microwave makes it easier to clean, while Jackie Warren told us that a great way to remove chewing gum is by rubbing an ice cube on it.

White vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and even denture cleaners were suggested as go-to ingredients for putting the sparkle back into household items! Who would have thought?

Hassle-free cleaning advice

Roxanne Mccue: Turn it into a game with the kids… first to find all the pairs of socks, the first to clear all the plates etc.

Stephanie Grey-Smart: Put three bin liners in the waste bin, then when you pull out the full one the next is ready and waiting.

Tricia McLatchie: Got a horrid greasy baking dish, then leave it overnight with used teabags and the next morning it will be so easy to clean without scrubbing.

Sue Nicholls: Soak the inside of your kettle in white vinegar overnight, [it] takes off all limescale, like new! White vinegar is also great on taps or shower screens, and can be mixed with water to use as an odour destroyer, especially useful for urine smells.

Joan Dunlop: Fairy washing up liquid is brill for grass stains. Just pop some on give it a rub n pop in washing machine! Tah-dah stain gone!

Clare Dunn: Put lemon juice in your microwave on full power for a minute. When it’s finished your microwave should wipe clean and smell fresh.

Jackie Warren: Remove chewing gum by rubbing an ice cube on it. It really works and it’s free so no spending involved.

Julia Birkhead: Asda denture cleaning tablets are brilliant for making porcelain mugs etc. sparkling white again after tea or coffee has stained them!

Carole Young: When your shower curtains go orange on the bottoms put diluted bleach in a spray bottle and spray all the bottoms and leave it all dissolves away and you don’t have to take your curtains down.

Stick to a routine

Natalie Gibbings: Try and allocate a day of the week for it and make it part of your routine.

Laura Smith: Play your favourite music.

Jean Bolsover: Never let [dishes] pile up, do them as soon as they need to be done, you can do them a lot more quicker then.

Claire Fletcher: [Putting] bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar down the plugholes once a week keeps them smelling fresh and clear from slimy build ups.

Trick yourself

Claire Liddy: Invite someone to visit… Nothing makes you get in the mood for cleaning more than a visitor!

Carole Harrington: My ‘tip’ is to pretend you really love doing it. Put the television on to give you a bit of company, take plenty of mini breaks, cuppas etc. When you start to feel weary stop. Sorted!


Thanks Asda customers for your awesome tips! Got a great idea that isn’t mentioned here? Make sure to let us know by using #goodliving.