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Asda’s new toilet signs are changing the way people view disability

Not every disability is visible

Asda’s new toilet signs are changing the way people view disability

ASDA supermarkets are challenging the notion that people with a disability should ‘look disabled’ with our new toilet signs, which have proved a big hit with people all over the country.

We’re incredibly pleased to see such a positive reaction!

Knowing that disability or illness can be incredibly wide-ranging and often manifests in lots of different ways for different people, we’ve updated our signs in the hope of making our facilities far more inclusive.

Challenging common misconceptions surrounding invisible illness, the new ASDA signs now depict more than one icon to signify who our facilities are intended to serve.

Photographed in our York Superstore last week, one sign is currently travelling the internet at lightning speed – and we’re incredibly pleased to see such a positive reaction!

Shared by the Crohn’s and Colitis UK Facebook page, here’s what some of the supportive community had to say:

“Finally some recognition for those hidden disabilities, Crohn’s has been my nemesis for years yet I always feel judged for using disabled facilities. Well done Asda.”

“Thats a great sign. I’ve heard the grumbling public whispering loudly how I shouldn't be using a disabled toilet. Well done ASDA”

“Finally, let's hope all shops bars and restaurants - in fact all 'disabled' toilets - follow suit and all use one of these signs. It’s bad enough living with an unseen disability without the added stares and rude comments as well. Well done Asda, it may seem trivial as it's 'just a sign' but that sign talks a thousand words.”

“This is brilliant! I have ADHD, Autism and bad anxiety, due to all of that I can't use a normal toilet... I've been kicked out of a disabled toilets because my disabilities aren't visible, people are so judgemental. I'm really happy to see this. Well done Asda.”

“At last, the dirty looks I get sometimes when I use the disabled toilets, well done Asda, hope all disabled toilets put this sign up on the door!”

“I have MS and although I use a stick it is not always easy to tell that I have a disability and sometimes get asked as to why I need to use the disabled loos. So this is very welcome to see.”

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