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Booking a holiday makes us ‘truly happy’, research shows

*Books holiday*

Booking a holiday makes us ‘truly happy’, research shows

Booking a holiday, finding money in unexpected places and bagging a bargain top the list of things which make us Brits excited, new research shows.

The study from UK cruise holidays, Royal Caribbean, has revealed that after a bumpy 2016, (remember when Toblerone changed its shape and when The Great British Bake Off as we know it changed forever!) us Brits are relying on holidays to perk up our mood this year.

Ben Bouldin, Royal Caribbean’s Managing Director of UK & Ireland said: “We all know the build-up to a holiday is half the fun.

“We love to imagine the new experiences in store and Brits are increasingly booking many months in advance to really enjoy that pre-holiday buzz.”

In the poll of 2,000 UK adults, respondents were asked to list what they got most excited by. And as you can imagine 65% of people, stated that booking a holiday gives them a buzz.

This came ahead of spending time with friends and family, with 40% voting for this, and carrying out a random act of kindness. So make sure you stock up on your sun creamswimming cossie and travel money now!

According to the research, we even get excited about being able to say, ‘I told you so’, buttering hot toast and pulling off a parallel park first time.

The research also revealed that Brits got twice as much pleasure from having a good cuppa, than a night of ‘Netflix and Chill’.

The data also confirmed that we’re a thrifty bunch, with more than half of respondents getting a kick out of finding coppers down the back of the sofa and they also identified nabbing a bargain as something that excites them. 

Top 20 things Brits get excited by

  1. Booking a holiday
  2. Finding money in unexpected places
  3. Getting a bargain
  4. Spending time with close friends and family
  5. Having time to yourself
  6. Watching the sunrise/sunset
  7. Carrying out a random act of kindness
  8. Planning and researching a holiday
  9. Tucking into a bar of chocolate
  10. Waking up and realising it’s the weekend
  11. Ice cold beer/wine on a hot day
  12. Drinking a fresh cup of tea
  13. Buying fresh flowers
  14. Being proved right in an argument/saying “I told you so”
  15. Jumping in the pool on a hot day
  16. Being on holiday when others have to go to work
  17. Buttering hot toast
  18. Swimming in the sea
  19. Putting an “out of office” on when leaving for holiday
  20. Pulling off a parallel park first time


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