Gethin Jones talks love and food

We catch up with the Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two host

Gethin Jones talks love and food

Gethin Jones has been gracing our small screen's for more than a decade after first presenting for the beloved children's television programme, Blue Peter in 2005. Since then the Welsh-born star, who is dating 29-year-old German model Katja Zwara, has shown the world that presenting isn't his only talent.

In 2007 the twinkle-toed star took part in Strictly Come Dancing and reached the semi-finals with his professional dance partner, Camilla Dallerup. He stayed with the Strictly family and became a reporter for the 2016 series of Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two.

Now, the 39-year-old who is supporting the Can You See Me autism awareness campaign, talks about dating Katja, his love for food and his guilty pleasure...

How long did you present Blue Peter for?

Three and a half years – it was the most amazing experience. I visited 31 countries, broke six bones, four World Records and three-lifetime ambitions.

What’s for breakfast?

I’m in the gym most mornings and used to eat porridge until I got a lot of fatigue when training. I now have Ready Brek as I find it easier to digest. I’m also obsessed with coffee – I can’t start my day without one! 

Are you a healthy eater?

I’m very disciplined in the week, but at the weekend I relax with food, which I think is down to having a girlfriend and being away most weekends. I’ve been with Katja now for six months and we were in Barcelona recently – healthy eating wasn’t a priority! 

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Do you follow food trends – what are you into right now?

Recently, when Katja and my sister Mererid stayed over, my fridge contained goats’, almond, coconut and cows’ milk. I remember the days when buying semi-skimmed was considered strange! I’ll never be the kind of person who Instagrams pictures of my food though, I hate that…

Have you cooked for Katja?

I’m a terrible cook. I’m rubbish with timing and it’s a patience thing. I did make her some food early doors, which was risky – a tuna steak niçoise. I’m embarrassed how easy it was, but it was just right. I put a lot of thought into it.

Your cooking inspiration? 

My dad Goronwy, a meat-and-two-veg man like myself, did all the cooking in our house so I was brought up with a simple palate. I’ll have a protein-heavy sandwich or salad for lunch then chicken or white fish with veg for dinner. 

Celebrity inspiration? 

I love cooking shows where people are really passionate. I saw James Martin cooking an omelette in one minute and thought, ‘That’s my kind of cooking!’

Strangest thing you’ve eaten?

Sea urchins (below) in the Tokyo Fish Market – they’re the most disgusting things I’ve ever eaten. I also had salmon eggs and blowfish, which is a Japanese delicacy, but if you eat the wrong part of the blowfish, you’ll die. 

Recent dining experience? 

I took some of my friends to London’s new hotel, The Ned, for the most random Sunday lunch. It has nine restaurants and, on my plate, I had a mixture of lobster, Sunday roast, granola and doughnut. My eyes were bigger than my belly. 

Favourite Welsh delicacy? 

Cawl in the winter is the best. It’s a traditional broth made with leftover veg and meat. I dip bread in it, which goes all soggy! 

Last supper?

Whitebait to start, roast chicken with a Yorkshire pudding, and a massive apple crumble. I’m going to die full. 

Your guilty pleasure?

A place in Cardiff, known as ‘Chip Alley’, that you only go to after a few drinks at the rugby. I’ll be back there again in the future, I know it.


Gethin supports the Can You See Me autism awareness campaign. Visit