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There’s something ‘quite wonderful about January’, according to Giovanna Fletcher

Our columnist, author, vlogger and mum of two Giovanna, is looking forward to the year ahead...

There’s something ‘quite wonderful about January’, according to Giovanna Fletcher

Even though I always find New Year’s Eve a bit anticlimactic, there’s something quite wonderful about January – especially if I’ve managed to wake up without a party-fuelled groggy head.

The start of the New Year feels like a blank sheet of paper, full of possibilities and excitement.

Usually, by the time January rolls around, I’m ready to stop and refresh anyway. I join in with the obligatory resolutions, swearing off chocolate, crisps, cake and anything else I’ve overindulged in during the festive season.

But, I invariably fail to stick to my strict new rules pretty quickly, especially if we’re invited for a New Year’s Day lunch with family or friends! 


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I only have one resolution I care about this year – to keep juggling those balls and strike a good work-family balance. Family will always take priority and it’s important for me not to let any external stress infiltrate our time together. 

The year ahead is sure to be a busy one, both at home and work-wise. I’m exhausted just thinking about it because we’ve taken on a lot – but it’s jam-packed with exciting projects that I feel incredibly lucky to be doing.

I’m having a couple of books published – the first one, Happy Mum, Happy Baby, is about parenting and it’s out in February. Plus, I’ll be doing more with the team at ITV’s Lorraine. 


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One of the things I’m looking forward to is a nice big family holiday and we’ve got a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida booked.

I always find I’m far more relaxed when we’re away from the house where I spend my time worrying about all the things that need doing.

Buddy’s still too little to understand what’s happening but I know he’ll love it when we get there.

And it’s hard to tell who’s most excited about going – Buzz, Tom or me! We can’t wait…