Giovanna’s called it: September is the new January!

Now's the time to turn over a new leaf, says our columnist - and no one will know if you don't meet your goal

Giovanna’s called it: September is the new January!

Giovanna Fletcher is our new columnist. Author and vlogger (at, she’s married to Tom Fletcher of McFly and mum to sons Buzz, two, and Buddy, four months. This month Giovanna is contemplating turning over a new leaf as she gets nostalgic thinking about the new school term. 

Last year, I decided it was finally time to change the way I live my adult life, and my first move was to convert to using a single-year diary. I’d stuck to school-term ones well into my late 20s but felt I should start living like other grown-ups do – an actual year at a time, starting in January.

On the whole I’ve been loving it, although it has highlighted one time of year that still stirs old feelings from school – and that’s September, with the promise of new beginnings. Just the mere glimpse of a ‘back to school’ poster and that familiar itchy feeling of returning to school after the summer holidays resurfaces. There’s excitement in the air with the prospect of new possibilities ahead.

(Above: Giovanna as a little girl getting ready for her first day at school)

It’s not just my stationery that gets an update in September (nothing beats a brand-spanking-new pencil case and a clean white rubber). My whole being feels re-energised and ready to become the best possible version of myself.

Yes, for me, September is the new January and the best time to make fresh resolutions. What’s more, these mid-year pledges come without the guilt of breaking them because it’s a new beginning that isn’t usually spoken about.

This September, I’ve decided to have a reboot and start doing things that make me feel good. Like running. I’ve always hated jogging, but I want to find out why so many people enjoy it. I also want to start filling my body with goodness. It’s time to whip out my favourite cookbooks and stop eating so much Nutella. Seriously… Oh, go on, then, just one more spoonful. It’s September after all!