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Giovanna Fletcher talks about the most wonderful time of the year

Author, vlogger and mum of two Giovanna is spreading the Christmas joy this month

Giovanna Fletcher talks about the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas mad? Yes we are. From decorations to the present giving, the smell of pine trees to the taste of my famous crispy spuds, us Fletchers love everything about the festive season. I  especially love the feeling of jolliness that takes over the end-of-year-blues.

If I let him, Tom would be celebrating Christmas and listening to festive carols every day of the year, so we have a rule that Michael Bublé and friends aren’t allowed to be played until the day after bonfire night. This is taken very seriously – unless we decide to have a random Christmas celebration during the year. Something we’ve done twice in July for Tom’s birthday.

One of our favourite things to do at Christmas is take a drive up Regent and Oxford Street in London and see all the magical lights. A few years ago they had these big net-type ones that spanned almost the whole width of the street. They were so enchanting. It’s amazing what a few lights can do to change the atmosphere.

On Christmas day the Falcone and Fletcher clans join together at ours. We exchange gifts, cook, chat, eat, drink, eat again, watch all the Christmas specials on TV and then eat some more!

This will be our first Christmas as a family of four. I’m pretty sure most of it will go straight over Buddy’s head as he’s still young, but Buzz is going to be completely aware of what’s going on, and that makes me incredibly excited. It’s time for Tom and I to be really inventive when it comes to creating the magic (think special bell ringing and snow flake dropping.)

Buzz absolutely loved meeting Santa last year but he couldn’t really talk. This year, I can’t wait to see him sat down with the big guy in red and see what he comes out with! Oh my goodness – I can even ask him what he wants as a present!