Kate Garraway’s new book tells us about the ‘joy’ of wearing big knickers

Plus every sale contributes to the Tickled Pink campaign!

Kate Garraway’s new book tells us about the ‘joy’ of wearing big knickers

Breast cancer, menopause and wearing big knickers are just three of the topics TV presenter Kate Garraway tackles in her new book, The Joy of Big Knickers. And if you buy the book in Asda you will be helping to raise money for Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign.

Every purchase of Kate’s new book in Asda will give 80p towards the Tickled Pink campaign

The revealing and feel-good book tells Kate’s amusing journey into the next stage of her life as she nears the age of 50.

She said: “This book is for everyone, but if you or someone close to you is affected by breast cancer, you might find it’s especially good for you." Although Kate hasn't suffered from breast cancer herself, her aunty and childhood friend have both fought the disease and dealt with the challenges it has brought to their lives.

“One of the reasons it’s got ‘joy’ and ‘knickers’ in the title is that it’s about focusing on staying positive, feeling great and hanging on to your sense of humour as you move into the second half of life, despite all the challenges you’re likely to come up against.

"And of course these are qualities you need in shedloads if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Tickled Pink

Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign is now in its 21st year and supports the work of two leading breast cancer charities in the UK, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now.

Breast Cancer Care provides information and support to people affected by breast cancer, while Breast Cancer Now looks at ways in which to prevent, detect, treat and stop breast cancer.

So far, more than £50 million has been raised for the charities but this year you can help add to that total as with every purchase of Kate’s new book in Asda, 80p will go towards the Tickled Pink campaign.

Kate said: “Since most (81 percent) breast cancers occur in people over the age of 50, the majority of women who get breast cancer are also facing the challenges of getting older. This is when we can start worrying about everything falling away - looks, fertility, energy, health and finances - and these worries can feel even more intense when you’re poorly and facing them head on.

"Getting the diagnosis is bad enough, but if you’re feeling rotten as well, not to mention a little bit old and creaky, the future can look really gloomy. It can feel as if life is dealing out the blows left, right and centre."

However, as Kate explains, there has been a huge amount of progress made in detecting and treating breast cancer.

"More and more people (78 percent and rising every year) are surviving breast cancer and happily getting on with life. My auntie Lynne, a retired teacher, got through it and thrived - five years after going into remission, she’s still teaching, when she wants to, going to art galleries and having a giggle with her legions of friends and of course her family.  

Midlife revolution

"The way she (auntie Lynne) powered through her illness and out the other side made me realise that instead of being the start of your decline, surviving breast cancer could actually be the beginning of the midlife revolution I’ve written about in this book.

"There’s every chance that once you’re through it, life could be better and brighter than it was before.

"I was very touched when ASDA asked me to contribute to their Tickled Pink campaign. Increasingly, this devastating disease seems to be all around us. Someone is newly diagnosed with breast cancer every ten minutes; someone dies from breast cancer every forty-five minutes.

"So it shouldn’t have been a shock - but it absolutely was - when one of the people I turned to for tips and advice while I was writing this book was diagnosed with breast cancer before I’d even reached the final chapter.”

Breast cancer

It was her childhood friend Tanya, who is a very similar age to Kate, and every bit as glamorous, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Kate said: "I wanted to include her in this book originally because I was sure she would tackle getting older with the same reserves of gusto and positivity she has drawn on since we were kids doing star jumps into the deep end of swimming pools, climbing trees and running amok in each other’s gardens pretending to be spies and superheroes.

"I know she’ll be a real superhero in rising to this new, much harder challenge with a similar determination and energy, but my heart goes out to her. It’s going to take a lot of courage to get through the next few months."

Kate said, like so many people before her in the same situation, she felt helpless when Tanya’s mum, Beryl, rang and told her about the diagnosis.

She said: "What could I do, other than send love and offer to be there for her if ever she needed me? Hopefully some of the advice I have been given and included in this book about facing up to fearful situations like this may help if you find yourself or someone you love in a similar position.

"But I am especially glad and very honoured to join up with Tickled Pink, which aims to help my friend and everyone else affected by breast cancer in this country in a very real, effective way.

"Whatever you’re going through, The Joy of Big Knickers is about facing the future head on and finding a way to make the absolute very best of it."

The Tickled Pink edition of The Joy of Big Knickers by Kate Garraway is now available in store. You can also get involved with our Tickled Pink campaign by purchasing our limited edition Tickled Pink products in your local store