Hellomynameis campaign

Kate Granger, founder of the #hellomynameis campaign, was an ‘inspiration’

The doctor and campaigner will be remembered for her incredible impact within the healthcare system

Kate Granger, founder of the #hellomynameis campaign, was an ‘inspiration’

Tributes are pouring in after the passing of Dr Kate Granger, the healthcare campaigner and wife of Asda colleague who was instrumental in changing doctor-patient relations and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity.

When Kate was 29, her life was rapidly turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. But the doctor who told Kate the devastating news never introduced himself. After recognising how insignificant and distressed this made her feel, Kate became determined to make sure that other patients were not treated in the same manner. So over the next five years, Kate and her husband Chris Tointon set out to encourage healthcare staff to introduce themselves to patients with the hugely successful #hellomynameis campaign. 

The #hellomynameis campaign won the support of hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals, politicians and celebrities alike. Drew Barrymore, Jeremy Clarkson, Prime Minister Theresa May and Olly Murs were just some of the big names who recognised and showed their support for the campaign. In addition to encouraging better doctor-patient relations, together with her husband, Kate also helped raise more than than £250,000 for Yorkshire Cancer Centre, achieving their goal just days before her death this past Saturday.

Over the last few days, members of the NHS and beyond have praised Kate for her significant role in improving care for other patients and inspiring compassion within the healthcare system. NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh said: "Kate Granger was an inspiration to us all and her #hellomynameis campaign and the Compassionate Care Awards named after her will be her legacy to the NHS and a lasting tribute to her memory."