Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon talks mum’s crazy cooking

'My mum would serve Sunday roast on top of a pancake, which was weird but to me it felt normal'

Keith Lemon talks mum’s crazy cooking

Through the Keyhole’s Keith Lemon is the fictional alter ego of comedian Leigh Francis, who lives in London with his wife Jill and their daughter

Do you follow a strict diet?

We’re very well fed on set – we have proper meals from the local pub. I’ve not actually eaten bread since last September when I came back from America and my trousers didn’t fit. I panicked – I spend a lot of money on my trousers! I’m not really that health conscious, though. I still drink beer and eat sweets and crisps.

What’s your breakfast of choice?

At the weekend, I have a proper breakfast – bacon medallions, baked beans, mushrooms, two poached eggs, orange juice and a cup of tea.

Will you go teetotal for January?

No, I never go teetotal. I always have lots of Christmas parties, then January is for meeting up with all the people I didn’t see in December.

What’s your best hangover cure?

A bottle of Lucozade and a walk. 

Side smirk! All t' best!

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Do you have any new foodie finds?

I recently got into edamame [soy beans], which I keep in the freezer. I thought they’d make a great cinema snack and, when I was in LA, I saw they had them at the movies. I’m like a futuristic Jamie Oliver! 

Any childhood food memories?

My mum’s a lovely woman but she was, and still is, a terrible cook. She would give me beans with hotdogs and would serve a Sunday roast on top of a pancake, which was weird but to me it felt normal. 

Which of your celebrity pals has cooked you the best meal?

Gino D’Acampo is a great cook. To be honest, whenever I’ve been at his house, his missus Jessica has been buzzing around. She’s the secret behind his success! The last time I went to theirs, they did pigs in blankets galore and Christmas food with an Italian twang. 

What about your co-hosts on Celebrity Juice?

I don’t know what Holly [Willoughby] is like at cooking, but Fearne [Cotton] makes cakes without sugar, which seems impossible to me – but she seems to think it tastes nice.

Juice Noir

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Dream dinner party guests?

Winona Ryder. I’ve been in love with her ever since I saw Beetlejuice and I’m pleased she’s back on screen in Stranger Things. I’d also invite Jim Carrey. He makes me laugh.

Love Winona Ryder

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What would be your last meal?

Christmas dinner is the best. Or a baked potato with cheese and coleslaw. Those are my meals.

The new series of Through the Keyhole starts on ITV in the new year.