Watch Madonna Vogue and twerk with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

Strike a pose!

Watch Madonna Vogue and twerk with James Corden in Carpool Karaoke

Madonna's Carpool Karaoke is finally here and it doesn't disappoint, especially for fans of her 80s and 90s hits. 

Madge and James work through some of the pop queen's biggest floor-fillers, including Vogue, Papa Don't Preach and Express Yourself.

As well as striking some very impressive poses to Vogue and a little in-car twerking (see below), Madonna tells James about the separation between her public and private personas, explaining: "My work is rebellious, but I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't party. I'm quite square.

"I go home and I'm Julie Andrews."


She also confesses that she wanted to be a nun when she was younger because she 'liked the uniform'. But she was later excommunicated by the Catholic Church three times for her raunchy videos, so had to stick to the music instead. 

At one point, the pop icon even gives a pitch-perfect a capella version of Don't Cry For Me Argentina from her movie Evita which, ironically, makes James cry. 

Other things we learn as the duo sing their way around New York City is that Madge is looking for a man with a sense of humour. "The best thing in the world is to be married to someone funny," she tells James. 

She also reveals that she once made out with Michael Jackson, adding, "I mean baby, I've been around". 

You can watch the whole video - and sing along - below.

Warning: contains some swearing.