Mariah Carey

Guess which singing diva just did her shopping at Asda?

Who knew A-list celebs were just like us?

Guess which singing diva just did her shopping at Asda?

She may be worth millions but that doesn't stop singing sensation Mariah Carey from loving a good bargain! On a recent trip to Scotland, the star made sure her children were taken care of by stocking up on supplies at a 24 hour ASDA.

The world’s most famous diva was busy rehearsing in Glasgow till 5am for her upcoming tour, when she sent her team out in the dark for an early morning 'emergency' trip to ASDA for her adorable five-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan. 

What was on the pop diva's shopping list? DVDs, Oreo biscuits, bottles of Coca-Cola and a case of Moet and Papa John’s pizzas for her dancers. But not just any DVDs! The Grammy-award winning singer reportedly told her team: "Get a stack of DVDs, around twenty of the latest find, Disney, Minions, whatever, for the children. Make sure they don't contain any violence. It's for the kids." 

At Asda’s 24-hour Govan branch, Mariah's assistants also picked up extra hangers for all the singer's clothes (we can't imagine that she travels light!). Who knew that celebrities were just like us? Well, minus having an assistant to do our shopping for us of course...

Watch an exclusive video of the superstar's people carrier returning to her hotel with the ASDA bags and box full of hangers from the nocturnal shopping trip below:

A slight change from her usual demands of scented candles, white flowers and cute puppies!

Make like Mariah Carey and pick up the latest DVDs at Asda.