MISSING: desperately seeking lost birthday card

Have you seen this treasured item?

MISSING: desperately seeking lost birthday card

A father and daughter have been sending each other the same birthday card for 33 years - but it has now been lost in the post. 

Award-winning author Claire Fuller, 50, first sent the card in 1984. When her dad, Stephen Fuller, posted the card back on her birthday with a new message written inside it, they continued and the rewrites became a much-loved family tradition. 

But this year Claire - who celebrates her birthday on 9 February - never received the card at her home in Winchester. Posting on Twitter she said: “My Dad and I have been exchanging this birthday card since 1984. This February it got lost in the post. If you find it send it home to me. 

Keep your eyes peeled

Look out for a little yellow duck with a red hat, red armbands and red boots. Inside is crammed with messages from ‘Claire’ and ‘Dad’. 

Claire’s plea for help has now been retweeted 7.6K times and inspired lots of people, including the BBC and postmen, to get involved in the search party. 

A Royal Mail spokesman told the BBC: "Every item of mail is important to us. We appreciate the sentimental value of this card and are seeing if we can trace it.

"We would always advise customers sending valuables or cash through the post to use a tracked service."

Claire we very much hope you find this sentimental item! Fingers crossed.

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