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Asda’s Top 10 Rules For Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has hit Asda stores nationwide, and we're here to give you the lowdown on playing the game in-store

Asda’s Top 10 Rules For Playing Pokémon Go

Have you got the skills it takes to be a Pokémon Master? Pokémon Go, the new augmented reality app from Nintendo’s famous Pokémon franchise officially launched across the UK yesterday – and of course Asda stores nationwide are at the heart of the new game, doubling up as Pokémon Gyms and Pokéstops! Available across smartphones, Pokémon Go turns real life locations into part of the adventure, as players wander around in the real world trying to catch cute creatures, before battling them against other monsters at Pokémon Gyms across the country.

Customers have already been reporting that they are spotting lots of rare Pokémon in Asda, including a Mew and fan-favourite Charizard. 

However, some Asda customers have been so eager to catch 'em all that they've been abandoning trolleys and running up and down aisles. While it's understandable that customers may want to be the very best like no-one ever was, it's also very important that they remain safe while doing so. So to celebrate the new game, Asda has issued some helpful game-playing rules so that everyone, from the littlest Diglett to the largest Charizard, can ensure that they make the most of the game safely – catching some great Pokémon at their local store whilst they're at it!

Asda's Official Pokémon Go Guidelines

1. There are enough Pokémon for everyone - no running in stores to be the first to catch one

2. Celebrate respectfully - shouting 'YESSS' at the fish counter may unnerve people

3. Help is on hand - customer service colleagues will be on hand to offer safe directions around stores if you need assistance in safely locating a Pokémon

4. Eyes up - please be mindful of fellow shoppers and be aware of your surroundings

5. All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and should not engage strangers

6. Everyone is welcome to use the in-store WiFi - please don't run up huge bills on your account

7. Please refrain from abandoning trolleys while catching Pokémon

8. If any Pikachu are found in our stores then please let customer services know and we'll congratulate you over the tannoy

9. Gym etiquette - when training in our stores which are Poké gyms, feel free to use our store cafes to train in comfort

10. Please keep your Pikachu on a lead at all times

Of course, these guidelines shouldn't stop at Asda's doors. By sharing them, Asda hopes that everyone will enjoy the new game, both in-store and out, particularly when crossing roads or around traffic.

Want to get in on the act? Head to the App or Google Play store to download Pokémon Go on your smartphone now and head to your nearest Asda store. You never know, you could pick up some of these guys:

Keep sharing your Pokémon triumphs by using #goodliving on social media and don't forget to head in-store to pick up all your Pokémon goodies, including XY Fates Collide theme decks (available in 487 stores nationwide).