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Sourced by George: everything you need to know

Read all about our promise to build a better world and a more sustainable future...

Sourced by George: everything you need to know

Sustainability has always been important to us here at George because we know of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. 

We have a duty to make a difference, which is exactly the reason why we launched the platform Sourced by George

This platform is home to our sustainability strategy and is the hub of knowledge when it comes to all the amazing work we have achieved so far, what we are looking to achieve, as well as our public commitments. 

It also includes information like the fact we were the first big supermarket to sign up to The Microfibre Consortium (TMC). This consortium supports the development of solutions to minimise microfibre release into the environment, all of which are damaging to our oceans.

The platform includes our five sustainability pillars, that reflect the journey and measures we are taking to support a more sustainable future.

As well as playing host to all the up to date knowledge about our incredible close-knitted supply chain. In fact, we have a transparent list of factory facilities on the site and have displayed this list for more than 5 years. 

As part of this list, we include our 2nd tier sites which include additional processes carried out such as printing, embroidery and where products are dyed and washed and we are one of the few retailers to do this.

At George, we are committed to doing the right thing as a business and ensuring that the people who make our products are treated fairly. But don't just take our word for it, look at our actions so far:


We launched audits across all production facilities, looking at labour standards to ensure they are in line with industry regulations.


George launched audits across all primary production sites, assessing standards of safety and quality.


We mapped our supply chain to include 2nd tier facilities and conducted audits to ensure training and education was to industry-standard levels.


We launched a number of safety and training initiatives, including Doing the Right Thing, HER and crèche training.


Following the tragedy of Rana Plaza, there was an industry need to improve building safety standards as a result The Alliance was formed to monitor safety.


We published our primary factory list publically on sourced by George for all of our customers to be able to view.


George undertook management reviews, training, disclosure and audits across our 2nd tier supply chain.


Our Modern-day slavery statement was launched.


We updated our Sustainable Sourcing commitments, which included transparency of our supply chain and further updated our modern-day slavery statement.


Intrigued to find out more? Head over to Sourced by George to read our detailed plans of how we are and intend to make the fashion world a better place.