Everything you need to know about our Asda Tickled Pink partnership

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we've also included ways in which to fundraise for the good cause

Everything you need to know about our Asda Tickled Pink partnership

Did you know: every 10 minutes in the UK, another person is diagnosed with breast cancer?

That's why Asda launched its Tickled Pink campaign in 1996, and has been supporting breast cancer charities ever since.

We are working with Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel! to change the future of breast cancer in the UK. Together we are championing regular boob checking and educating our community of colleagues, customers and suppliers to be breast aware, alongside raising vital funds for research and support for those affected by the disease.

asda Tickled Pink 

Since its very humble beginnings in 1996, over £68 million has been raised for our Tickled Pink charity partners.

Your fundraising:

  • Supports Breast Caner Now’s award-winning helpline, and a range of other life-changing support services.
  • Supports our educational and outreach work with CoppaFeel!, which aims to empower 600,000 18-24 year olds to adopt a regular boob checking behaviour by 2024.
  • Supports Breast Cancer Now’s world-class research to provide anyone living with breast cancer with hope. The brightest minds in breast cancer research across the UK are working to discover how to prevent breast cancer and save lives.

But – there's still more work to do!

To help raise funds for the vital campaign, check out our fundraising suggestions below...

1. Wear Pink

You don't just have to wear pink on Wednesdays! Whether you are still working from home or are back in the office, encourage the whole team to get involved by making a donation and coming into work (or joining a video call) wearing pink.


2. Get ready...bake!

If you want to get involved in raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, why not host a bake sale? To inspire your bakes we've come up with the ultimate pink recipes that are sure to get the donations rolling in. 

3. Let's get quizzical 

With all those weekly quizzes taking place during lockdown, you should be able to put another together in no time. Write the questions, virtually gather friends and family, and get quizzing! Ask participants for a donation, and give the winner a percentage of what you raise.


4. Spring clean

Has all this time spent at home, made you release how many unwanted books, clothes, games and CDs you have? Don't fret. They’re bound to be someone's treasure. So why not sell your unwanted items on eBay, Depop or Facebook Marketplace and donate the proceeds to Tickled Pink?



Or, why not try some good old fashioned fundraising with an office collection. Pop a donation bucket in the most used place (a reception? Or drinks area?) for maximum results.

6. The word jar

Choose a word not to say. For example 'lockdown' or 'unprecedented', then, if it ever comes up in conversation pop a £1 into the jar. You’ll be surprised at just how much builds up. Encourage your friends and family to do the same and donate the proceeds to the good cause.

7. Donate your commute

The best part about working from home has to be the commute – who else walks from their bed to the sofa to start their 9-5? A really easy way to take advantage of this is to donate that train fare or petrol money.


Want to find out more about Tickled Pink? Visit here. And don't forget to tag us in any of your fundraising efforts.