We love these pictures of dogs at polling stations

On election day, the pooch party is one we can get behind!

We love these pictures of dogs at polling stations

Today June 8 is election day! This means tomorrow we will be waking up, or staying up all night if you're super keen, to find out who will be our Prime Minister.

But it's not just us who turn out to the polling stations. For dog owners, this trip out to one of the 40,000 polling stations across the UK means you may have to be accompanied by your pooch. And although dogs are technically allowed in polling stations in an “accompanying role” (according to the Electoral Commission), lots of people are joining in with the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations and taking a picture of their pooch waiting patiently outside.

So in celebration of our loyal dog community, and this exciting election day, here are a few of our favourite #dogsatpollingstations pictures to make you smile.

From dogs that remain alert at all times

To ferocious, intimidating hounds

And some that are even more terrifying...



Voting done! #dogsatpollingstations #voting #ge2017

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Some four-legged friends are proud to have played their part in the election

But some dogs get easily distracted

And some are just glad that all this campaigning is coming to an end

Some are thinking 'please stop taking pictures of me, I'm not in the mood'


I've voted. Have you? #dogsatpollingstations #generalelection2017

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And some think they're bikes




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The dogs will have their voices heard

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