Old five pound note

5 things to spend your old £5 note on before it becomes void

Make sure you spend it wisely

5 things to spend your old £5 note on before it becomes void

Happen to have an old £5 note in your purse, pocket or bag? If so, you've got a week to spend it before it ceases to become legal tender. 

From Friday May 5 shops, restaurants, and cafés will no longer take the old currency and will only accept the new £5 notes, which came into circulation last September.

According to an estimation from the Bank of England, there could be as many as 160 million of the old paper notes still left in people’s wallets.

So to help you spend it before it goes out of circulation, we've rounded up five things you can spend your old fiver on. 

Dress to impress

You'll be the coolest dresser in the room with this drop waist dress which comes with a geometric print. 

Going away on holiday?

Why not invest in this 100% cotton pineapple printed beach towel. Helping to add some fruity fun to your holiday bag, you'll be able to spot this towel on the beach from a mile away!

Liven up you living room

Freshen up your living room with this multi-coloured anchor print cushion.

Who likes short, shorts?

Get ready for beach days with these stylish, aztec jersey shorts

Work it out

Bring your personal style to active wear with the bright printed design of this sports bralet. With mesh inserts and a cut-out detail to the racer back - it will help you stay cool, dry and comfy throughout workouts.

Alternatively, if you find a stray old £5 note after May 5, you can exchange it at the Bank of England which will continue to accept them forever, as it does with all old notes that are no longer legally in circulation.

Following the new £5 note, the Bank of England also plans to release a new £10 in September this year, which will feature author Jane Austen, and a new £20 note with an image of painter JMW Turner will be released in three years' time. The current £50 note was issued in 2011 and there are no plans to replace it in the near future.

Head over to George or pop into your local store to see what other finds you can spend your old £5 note on.