Everything you need to know about the Tour de Yorkshire

Gear yourself up for the UK's biggest bike race

By Deborah James, 17 April 2017
Everything you need to know about the Tour de Yorkshire

At the end of April (28-30), one of the biggest events in the cycling calendar will take place in England’s largest county. The Tour de Yorkshire is back – meaning thousands of people arriving in Yorkshire with the hope of getting a glimpse of the riders and cheering on some big names.

As we get excited for the event, particularly the Asda sponsored Women’s Tour de Yorkshire, we have put together a few facts to get you pumped for the big day.

Did you know…

1. 18 professional teams will compete in the men’s Tour de Yorkshire.

2. Each team has eight riders who work collaboratively to support their leader throughout the race in an attempt to lead the General Classification and ultimately win the race.

3. The Asda Tour de Yorkshire women’s race will take place on Saturday 29 April over the exact same course as the men’s stage which takes place later that day.

4. In total 16 teams will compete over 122.5km and take on the same King of the Mountain points (which become Queen of the Mountains!) and sprint points. It’s very exciting for the women’s race to be held over the exact same course as the men’s, as usually women’s stages are shorter.

5. The Tour de Yorkshire is a young race - only three years old in 2017 - but since its launch in 2015 it has grown to become one of the world’s best-supported races.

6. Last year 2 million fans lined the route over the three stages – that’s enough to fill more than 22 Wembley Stadiums!

7. The prize money for the women's race is £50k.

8. There are 96 riders in the women’s race.

9. There are 127 riders in the men’s race.

10. The average number of calories burnt per rider per day is 6000. That means you’d need to eat around three times the usual RDA.

11. The riders will burn 41 calories on average for every mile cycled. This amounts to 13,222 calories burnt over all three stages. And 4,407 per stage.

12. The third and final stage of the men’s race (from Bradford to Sheffield) has been nicknamed The Yorkshire Terrier as it is the hardest stage in the history of the race with eight classified climbs, four of which come in the last 22km.

13. Where are the sprints?

Sprints during the 2017 race will take place in Pocklington, Whitby, Knaresborough, Ripon, Clifton and Stocksbridge.

14. Where are the hills?

Stage 1: Côte de Garrowby Hil 1.6km @ 8.9%

Côte de Goathland 1.3km @ 9.7%

Côte de Robin Hood’s Bay 1.5km @ 10.3%

Stage 2: Côte de Lofthouse 1.7km @ 11.4%

Stage 3: Côte de Silsden 1.5km @ 10.4%

Côte de Haworth 0.6km @ 10.6%

Côte de Leeming 2.1km @ 7.3%

Côte de Shibden Wall 1km @ 13.5%

Côte de Deepcar 1.7km @ 8.5%

Côte de Wigtwizzle 1.4km @ 9.1%

Côte de Ewden Height 1km @ 12%

Côte de Midhopestones 1.4km @ 10%

15. Last year’s race was broadcast in 178 countries worldwide with 130 hours of coverage.

16. Asda sponsors the women’s race which takes place on Saturday 29 April.

17. The women’s race finishes on Parliament Street in Harrogate – just as the Tour de France did at the end of the opening day in 2014.

18. During the Tour de Yorkshire riders will be using a “Road Bike”. These bikes are highly technical and can cost in excess of £20,000! The more technical a bike, the greater the risk that something will go wrong. Each team has a mechanic who travels in the team support car on the race to help with any problems.

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