5 reasons we absoloutely love Adele

And it's not just her incredible singing voice...

5 reasons we absoloutely love Adele

If we needed another reason to add to our ever-growing list of 'why we love Adele', then her most recent concert-stopping moment is one of them. She screamed whilst on stage, kicked her shoe off and slumped to the floor because a bug had landed on her. 

“Bug spray. Can someone get me some bug spray?”

Our favourite pop star's New Zealand concert in Auckland was brought to a screeching halt on Thursday after a tiny beetle made its way onto her ankle.

But, instead of subtly flicking it off like most superstars probably would in her situation, Adele finished her song and then ended up screaming and swearing profusely on stage.

She said: “I felt something nibbling at me. I was not cut out for it. It was nibbling on my ankle that whole song. It’s coming back towards me - look, it’s my number one fan.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s embarrassing and you’re used to this.”

The star was on the floor at this stage having flung her shoe off and got rid of the bug.

She said: “Bug spray. Can someone get me some bug spray?”

Trying to get back up again she said: “Hang on I’m all tangled up. I’m gonna flash my tights and my knickers. I knew he [the bug] was in there.

“Who’s brave? Who wants to come and help me?”

You can watch the full video here.

But this isn’t the first time the star has proved just why she's our favourite star. 

1. Her voice

Need we say more? Who else could sing Someone Like You with the same prowess?

2. Oh and she raps too

The star nailed Nicki Manaj’s verse in Kanye West’s track Monster whilst taking part in James Corden's lovable 'Carpool Karoke'.

She later got praise from rap queen Nicki. 

3. Her love for Queen Bey

Earlier this year Adele took to the stage at the rather memorable Grammy Awards in LA to accept her accolade. But instead of saying thanks and sitting back down, she proceeded to dedicate the award to Beyoncé and even broke the award in half! 

4. Her perfect eyeliner

Adele and liquid eyeliner have become so synonymous that the only thing that comes close to outshining her fabulous voice is her signature look. Just look at it!

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