Watch the new trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’ film

... it's totally different to the Disney version!

Watch the new trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’ film

Fans of mythical creatures rejoice because - the new hotly anticipated The Little Mermaid trailer is out!

Disney lovers, brace yourself because this live action film is based on the 1837 Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale and NOT the 1989 cartoon version. In fact, our mermaid leading lady is NOT a red head, there is NO Sebastian and most of the action takes place on land! *Faints* 

Check out the trailer below...

"There’s no such thing as mermaids!

  You wouldn’t say that if you’d met one"

The plot

A reporter - William Moseley (who you may know from The Royals and The Chronicles of Narnia) - and his younger sister - played by Loreto Peralta - travel to small town Mississippi after hearing rumours about a woman believed to be the real Little Mermaid. 

The pair find this fabled creature - played by Poppy Drayton - at a circus and discover there might be more truth to the story of this real-life mermaid than they had first realised. 

Fan reaction

There's been a mix of emotions on social media to news of the fishy twist. 

From the good...

To the bad...

And the slightly undecided...

There's no specific release date for this 2017 movie, but it is expected to be in the cinema by the summer. Bring it on!

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