Advent calendars

Quick! It’s time to choose your advent calendar for the Christmas countdown

Santa's nearly here...

Quick! It’s time to choose your advent calendar for the Christmas countdown

Opening a little window on your advent calendar every day in December to find a square of chocolate is a Christmas tradition we'll NEVER willingly grow out of. And with our great range of advent calendars for both kids and grownups, there's no reason to stop at chocolate when it comes to advent calendar goodies.

From Lego to cheese to whiskey miniatures, check out our pick of the best advent calendars for the Christmas countdown this winter…

Something sweet…

When it comes to chocolate advent calendars, we've got something for everyone - from this giant Celebrations calendar with an individual Celebration behind each door, to this peanut butter cup-filled Reese's calendar, to this Lindt calendar with a whole Lindt chocolate bear to look forward to on Christmas Eve.

Something savoury…

A whole advent calendar of cheese? You better Brie-lieve it!

There are few things in life as satisfying as cheese, and this cheesy advent calendar is perfect for those people who'd choose cheese over chocolate any day. Loaded with 24 miniature cheeses, including Cheddar, Wensleydale with cranberries, Jarlsberg, and even Wensleydale with Gingerbread and a 'cheesy' joke behind every window, this advent calendar is a "gouda" choice for the cheese lovers out there!


Dairy, gluten or soya-free? No problem! This Moo Free Advent Calendar is completely free from all of the above, making it a great option for anyone with dietary requirements - including vegans. You won't miss the dairy in this super creamy "milk" chocolate calendar!


Keep little ones entertained through the build up to Christmas with one of our great toy advent calendars. We've got Peppa Pig, Playmobil, Star Wars Lego and PJ Masks to choose from - each with a mini toy behind each window that creates a full set of characters and accessories by Christmas Eve. It's like Christmas came early!


Share the holiday spirit with a loved one with this Jack Daniel's advent calendar, filled with 24 miniature bottles of Jack Daniel's whiskey. Including the Tennessee Whiskey, Tennessee Honey, Tennessee Fire and Gentleman Jack flavours as well as a Jack Daniel's keychain hipflask, this advent calendar is truly one of a kind.

Or, if beer's more your cup of tea, then this 12 beers of Christmas calendar by BrewDog features 12 of the best craft beers in the country right now.


Into beauty? Look no further than our George beauty advent calendar, with a lipstick or nail varnish for every day leading up to Christmas. Featuring all of our most-loved colours, all suitable for every skin tone, you can switch up your look for all of your Christmas parties and engagements without batting an eyelid!

Bath bombs and candles

Know someone that deserves being spoilt this December? This bath bomb advent calendar (pictured above) has a mini bath treat behind every window, so they always have a steamy, smelly bath to look forward to at the end of a day of getting the house ready for Christmas…

Or fill your whole house with lovely smells with this Yankee candle advent calendar, featuring a mini scented candle behind every single door.

Looking to deck your family out with the best advent calendars this festive period? Make sure to head online or pop into your local store to pick up yours now.

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