Chosen by Kids

Toys, gifts and those amazing Christmas jumpers from our Imaginarium

Looking for the best Christmas ever? Step inside our magical Imaginarium

Toys, gifts and those amazing Christmas jumpers from our Imaginarium

We've opened the doors to our magical Imaginarium once more, revealing a Christmassy conveyer belt of tried and tested toys and jovial jumpers, which could be under your Christmas tree this year.

In our top secret Imaginarium warehouse, our Imaginarium colleagues have been hard at work behind the scenes to make sure you have the Best. Christmas. Ever.

This year, we invited more than 300 children to spend a day playing with a huge range of toys and tell us which ones they’d be putting on their Christmas list. So you can rest assured that all our Chosen By Kids range have the seal of approval from our team of little helpers. 

From real-life baby, Baby Annabell, who can babble, gurgle and suck on her bottle, to fans' favourite, Fire Mech, which stars in LEGO's The Ninjago Movie - we're certain there will be no more socks as stocking fillers this year!

Elsewhere in the warehouse, in a massive ball pit filled with hundreds of balls of wool, Christmas jumpers are being created. And a cracking Christmas wouldn't be complete without a proper Christmassy knit.

Our nifty knitters have created a fluffy reindeer jumper complete with sequin detailing, and for big kids there's a Rudolf jumper with a 3D red nose to wear proudly. It's impossible not to catch the Christmas spirit in these. 

And the same can be said for our range of festive pyjama wear, which are elf-made in the wonderful world of Pyjamarama. 

From a unicorn fleece onesie to a cosy, cuddly dressing gown - wake up Christmas morning in style. It really will be the Best. Christmas. Ever!

What will Brooke and Grandad come across next? Maybe the big man himself, Father Christmas will make an appearance but you'll just have to wait and see...And if you haven't seen all the amazing food they discovered on their first trip to the Imaginarium, take a look here.

Explore all of our fantastic Christmas creations online at our Christmas shop, where you can plan your menu, stock up for parties and start your present shopping.