Christmas around the world

How attitudes to Christmas differ globally

From 'dreading Christmas' to preferring artificial Christmas trees find out what people around the globe thing about the big day...

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How attitudes to Christmas differ globally

It’s the eve of Christmas Eve and we’re dead excited about the next 48 hours.

For us, Christmas Day will be spent at home with the family, eating a hearty portion of turkey (and all the sides), before handing out gifts to our loved ones.

But this quintessentially English attitude towards Christmas Day might not be what other nations around the world are most looking forward to come the big day.  

At the start of the festive season, YouGov conducted a survey asking people from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK plus the US and Australia about their attitudes towards Christmas.

Here are their answers…

What’s the best thing about Christmas?

According to the UK it’s the Christmas Day meal, handing out presents, getting time off work and spending time with family and friends.

Australia, the USA and Germany thought the same whilst France, Spain, Italy and Sweden thought the Christmas Eve meal were amongst the best things about the holiday.

Is Christmas too materialistic?

According to the results, all nations surveyed agreed that it has become too materialistic. 

In fact, a whopping total of 81% of people in Spain thought so, 74% of Australians agreed and 77% of those surveyed from the UK said the same.

Are you looking forward to Christmas?

Although it might be all fun and games for us with 66% of Brits looking forward to the Christmas Day, a total of 34% of those surveyed from France said they are dreading it. Following closely behind was Spain with 28% of people who said they aren’t looking forward to it either, and 24% of Australians said they were dreading the day.

It seems as though it's the people of Germany who are the biggest fans of Christmas with 68% of survey participants saying they are excited for the big day and the Christmas spirit was matched in the USA with 67% of people looking forward to it. 

Will you be having a real or fake Christmas tree?

Every year the debate over whether you’ll be putting up an artificial Christmas tree or branching out and purchasing a real one, rages in every home. 

‘You can’t beat the smell of a fresh Christmas tree’ one person will say. ‘But purchasing an artificial tree is a one-time expense’ another will argue. 

Well believe it or not, according to the survey, 52% of us Brits prefer an artificial Christmas trees. 63% of those surveyed in Italy said the same and 60% of those surveyed in Spain agreed. 

In contrast, 69% of those asked in Germany said they preferred a real tree, 59% of those surveyed in Sweden said the same and 56% of people in France agreed. 

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