Robin cake

Christmas crafts and bakes to keep the kids entertained

From baking creative place settings to making mini edible Christmas trees - we've got it covered

Christmas crafts and bakes to keep the kids entertained

The best part of Christmas for many of us is the build-up – the twinkling lights, mince pies, decorations and all-round jolly atmosphere. Before we know it we'll be deep into dark, cold January – so make the most of these festive few weeks by putting an hour or so aside to tackle a craft project with the kids.

Get the whole family to make their own Christmas cards, or spend a rainy day making a magnificent gingerbread house. We've rounded up some adult, teen, and kid-friendly ideas to help get you into the Christmas spirit, pronto. 

tanya burr's snowmen biscuits 

Made with a simple, sweet dough, these snowmen biscuits couldn't be easier to make – but decorating them is the really fun bit! Stock up on marshmallows and icing, and let the kids express themselves.

meringue wreaths 

Doubling as a dessert, these cute meringue wreaths are fun for adults or teens to make. Simply pipe your meringue in blobs to form a ring, before baking for around two hours. Once they've cooled down, suspend them from your tree with colourful ribbon (feel free to decorate your meringue with icing or chocolate if preferred). 

robin cake 

Fancy doing all the decorating with none of the baking? No problem! Simply take a premade fruit cake and smother it in apricot jam before totally covering it in marzipan and white icing. Have fun making the cute robins, and add Cadbury Flakes and Matchmaker 'branches' to create your woodpile. With a flourish of ribbon and a final dusting of icing sugar, you'll end up with this showstopping Robin Cake.

Edible gift tags

What's the only thing that could possibly make unwrapping presents more fun? Eating the gift tag. These festive-spiced biscuits are simple to make and fun to decorate (with a steady hand, mind). Tie to your ribbon-wrapped gifts or leave them on the dining table as a tasty name-card substitute. Your guests will thank you!

ginger and fruit mountain cake 

If you're up for more of a challenge, how about trying your hand at this stunning ginger and fruit mountain cake? You might have to allow an afternoon (and enlist the help of the kids) but the result is pretty magical.

Chic glitter centrepieces

Glammed-up jars couldn’t be simpler. Use festive stencils such as a star, a Christmas tree or a holly outline, or go for an on-trend dipped look.

You’ll need:

Glass jars, various sizes, washed and dried.
Masking tape
White sticky labels
Thin card for making a star template
Craft glue
Tweezers, optional
Disposable rubber gloves, optional

For star stencils: 

1. Draw stars onto large sticky labels, using a stencil or template made from card and cut out. Remove the backing and position the stars on the jar.

2. Protect surfaces with newspapers and, in a well-ventilated space brush a thin layer of craft glue over the jar, turning the jar until it's covered in a frosty glue finish.

3. Shake or sprinkle the glitter over the glue, turning the jar in your hand and shaking off the excess as you go. Work quickly as the glue will start to dry. Continue until no glass is showing and leave to dry.

4. When removing the sticky labels, a pair of tweezers is useful for getting hold of the edges.

Fill with battery mini lights or fake flowers. Use large glitter for sparkle or fine glitter for smoother finish. Do not use with wax tea lights or candles. 

Stained-glass window biscuits

These edible Christmas tree decorations can easily be incorporated into your Christmas place settings. You’ll need:

Plain white napkin
2x candy canes
Stained-glass winter biscuit

1. Neatly roll a white napkin and pop in the centre of your plate.

2. Thread the biscuit onto twine and tie in a knot as a napkin holder.

3. To finish, slide two candy canes under the twine. Don’t forget glamorous glasses, cutlery and our glitter centrepieces.

You can use this idea with shop-bought biscuits too. If they don’t have a hole for twine, simply arrange them by the napkin.

Messy marshmallow Christmas pud teacakes

This easy, no-cook recipe is one to try with little kids…

1. In a small bowl, mix icing sugar with a little water to create a thick paste.

2. Carefully spoon over the top of milk chocolate teacakes, allowing it to drip gently down the sides.

3. Top with Asda Holly & Berry Sprinkles.

Birdie place settings

Create a charmingly diy-themed Christmas table with these quick and easy place settings (adults will enjoy this too).

You’ll need…

Pine cones, dried out
Glitter glue pens
Wiggly eyes and foam shapes (part of Asda Craft Pack)
Double sided tape or glue
Red card
Black pen 

1. Using a glitter glue pen, dab glitter on the tips of the cone’s scale. Leave to dry.

2. Attach wiggly eyes and foam beaks with double-sided tape or glue dots.

3. Draw around your hand on the card and cut it out*.

4. Write the names neatly with the marker, then fix the card to the cones with double-sided tape or glue.

Krisp-mas trees

Yep, that's right – more edible treats for Christmas! Get the kids to decorate these rice krispie treats anyway they want (traditional gold and red, blingy silver, all-white or multicoloured – the choices!). 


To make this Christmas an even more memorable one, why not make your own wreath which can hang proudly outside or inside your home? Make sure you follow our step-by-step guide to help you and the kids get crafty this season and make a fantastic foam wreath.

* Make sure you supervise kids when they're using scissors.

Feeling inspired to get crafting this Christmas? Make sure you head online to Asda or in store to stock up on all your craft supplies and tools.