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A taste of Christmas: 5 of the best foodie treats to gift

Only the best festive fare earns its place on our shelves this season

A taste of Christmas: 5 of the best foodie treats to gift

Perhaps the best thing about Christmas? The glorious festive foodie treats which include all the best Christmas flavours. They make for perfect gifts too and stocking fillers. 

Jo Johnson senior manager, own brand Innovation says: 'When it comes to Christmas, we know that perfection can't be rushed.

'That's why we start work on our seasonal ranges up to two years before they appear on the shelves. Our innovation team starts by looking at the big trends in food, and then works out how we can combine these with key festive ingredients – for example, what can we add to our Extra Special fudge that gives it that Christmassy feel?

'What can we add to the nation's favourite tipple – gin continues to have a moment! – to make it even more relevant at Christmas? It's all about surprising and delighting the customer, and thinking through the combination of ingredients in minute detail. Absolutely nothing is left to chance!

'We only work with developers who are passionate about bringing us the very best of their product.

'Often they're working to recipes that go back generations, as with our Sour Cherry Nougate

'And we take another look at traditional products for the time of year to see how we can give them an extra sprinkling of Christmas - that's how we created our Caramel Mince Pies.

'Thanks to our food knowledge and our expertise, we never have to compromise on taste. Everything we do is about making our food the best quality possible, but it also needs to feel like fun – especially at this time of year. 

'We like to think of our Christmas food as an affordable luxury, and you can see the love and care that go into our products. 

'We want you to love them as much as we do!'

Here are 5 of the best gifts to treat yourself (or a loved one) to this Christmas...

1. Extra Special Salted caramel mince pies

'A new twist on an old favourite, these buttery, crumbly pastry cases are filled with spiced fruit topped with a dollop of salted caramel', Jo says. She adds: 'It's a real crowd-pleaser!'

2. Extra special handmade Christmas pudding fudge 

Jo says: 'Handcrafted and batch made in a small factory in Harrogate, this fudge is sweet, scrumptious and has flavours of ginger, cinnamon and citrus peel – the taste of Christmas!'

3. Extra special Gingerbread gin liqueur

'Crafted using ginger and cinnamon flavours for a delightful seasonal sip – and the glitter takes it to the next level...' Jo says. 

4. Extra special sour cherry nougat

Jo tells us: 'This delicious treat is made to a recipe dating back to 1925 by the third generations of this family company. Whipped egg whites are filled with roasted hazelnuts and almonds before being swirled with sour cherry paste and hand-finished with a scattering of Italian sour cherries.'

5. Extra special cookies

'No biscuit lover can resist this range!' Jo tells us. ' Try cookies infused with warm spices, candied Sicilian oranges and Italian orange liqueur, hand-finished with Belgian dark chocolate chunks. Or, go gluten-free – try our sour cherry cookies with a kick of brandy.'

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