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Real vs. fake Christmas hacks to use in your home this winter

Whether you like to keep it real or fake it 'till you make it, we've got the hack for you

Real vs. fake Christmas hacks to use in your home this winter

Every year the debate over whether you’ll be putting up an artificial Christmas tree or branching out and purchasing a real one, rages in every home. 

But it’s not just Christmas trees which can be ‘faked’

‘You can’t beat the smell of a fresh Christmas tree’ one person will say. ‘But purchasing an artificial tree is a one-time expense’ another will argue. 

However, it’s not just Christmas trees which can be ‘faked’. These days, that certain smell that inevitably triggers wonderful memories of Christmases past can come in the form of a scented candle.

And for those ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’, spray on snow can make your winter wonderland dreams come true.

To help you decide whether you’ll be decorating your 6ft real-life fir come December, or putting up your pre-lit LED white Christmas tree, we’ve put together a list of products and ideas for how to create your perfect Christmas at home - whether it’s the real deal or the artificial route you take. 

Fake: Christmas trees

At Christmas, a home isn’t complete without putting up your tree as the centrepiece.

Fake Christmas trees mean no hoovering, no watering and they are easy to set up.

With this pre-lit Christmas tree, there's even less to decorate this season. The George Home 7ft Green Pre-Lit LED Christmas Tree comes decorated with 180 warm white lights that give off a magical glow, as well as 697 branch tips for a full, luxe look.

Or for those who want to create a snowy setting, the 3ft Newport Flocked Downswept Christmas Tree is covered with a fine coating of fake snow and contains 140 branch tips and 30 warm LED white lights.

As well as popping up your Christmas tree you can create another one with some unused decorations. Get creative by sticking up Command Mini Hooks so you can pin baubles and beads to your wall to create a Christmas tree like no other. These clips allow you to put up and take down decorations as often as you want, without marking or damaging the walls. 


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Real: Christmas trees

For those who are more traditional and can’t do Christmas without a real tree, there’s a diverse range of fresh firs to choose from at your local Asda store. There's nothing quite like having the real pine smell (even if it’s a bit messy), but these trees are recyclable and biodegradable too! 


Fake: Scented candles

Nothing says Christmas like the smell of cinnamon, cloves and mince pies. You can make your home smell like freshly baked pies hot out of the oven with this Febreze Spiced Apple odour eliminating scented candle (pictured right). The Febreze scented candle is designed to burn evenly and to diffuse a subtle scent across the entire room. Or try the Airwick Spiced Orange & Cinnamon for magical and warm scent (pictured left).

Real: scented candles

Get creative by making some festive decorations which look and smell like Christmas. You could purchase some cinnamon sticks and place them around a candle, tied together with some thin rope. It would make a great dining room centerpiece to get you and your guests into the Christmas spirit. 


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Fake: Mulled wine

What is better than curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine in your hand - especially over the festive period? This ready made mulled wine can be enjoyed hot or cold and it's ready to drink within seconds. 

Real: Mulled Wine

But if you fancy making your own mulled wine from scratch this Christmas, all you'll need is this spice kit and your favourite bottle of red. Simply simmer the concoction for 10 minutes and then strain out the spices.

Or try out our delicious, fruity mix that's a new twist on the traditional red mulled wine.

Make sure you check out the full range of Christmas decorations at George online or at your local Asda store