Pet mad? 6 brilliant ways to celebrate the four-legged friend in your life this Xmas

Pawsome gifts and purrfect activities for your furry friends

Pet mad? 6 brilliant ways to celebrate the four-legged friend in your life this Xmas

Making your list and checking it twice? Don't forget to pick up some brilliant pet gifts for your cuddly companion this holiday season!

Your furry friends will go paw-sitively wild for these pet gifts and activities

They're loyal, always happy to see you and oh-so-huggable, so why not show your furry friends how much you care with a festive and pet-friendly treat or two? Whether you've got loveable pups, sweet kitty cats, chirping birds or snuggly bunnies, there's a perfect way to celebrate your pets this Christmas.

We've rounded up six fun ideas for animal lovers this holiday season. From adorable outfits and delicious treats to unique cards and heavenly beds, your furry friends will go paw-sitively wild for these pet gifts and activities. Happy howlidays! 

Pet Xmas cards

If you like sending out season's greetings from the whole family then don't forget to include your pet in the card making fun! Design your own pet Christmas greeting by using a fun photo of your loveable pet (dogs in reindeer antlers is always a cute idea), including your furry friend in a family photo shoot, or dressing your pet up in a festive outfit.

Let little ones help decorate the card or use the cards to give your children a gift from their pet!

Sweet dreams

Whatever your pet, chances are that they spend a good amount of time snoozing. This Christmas, give your pet the sweetest dreams with a brand new bed. Pups will love this snuggly bed in soft grey while your kitty can get cosy in her very own igloo. Or why not just get some fluffy pillows so your pet can get their slumber in style? 


Here's another activity that littles ones will love - baking pet treats! Get the kids into the kitchen and have fun making homemade animal treats. Try shaping biscuits into bone or paw shapes and enjoy as your furry friend gobbles them up.

Just be sure to double check that ingredients are animal-friendly! 

Pet dress-up

Is there anything more adorable than seeing your furry friend dressed up? Head in-store to pick up one of Asda's fetching (woof!) pet outfits, including the sweet sleep suit modelled by Woody (yes, his name is Woody!) above. Your four-legged friend will be the warmest - and most stylish - pet in the neighbourhood!

Pet toys

Children of all ages love getting a brand new toy for Christmas, and the fuzziest members in your family are no different! From laser pointers to balls, there are plenty of pet playthings at Asda that your four-legged friend will go wild for this holiday season.

The only thing your pet will love more than their new toy? Using it to play with you! 

Pet treats

We humans get to indulge in crumbly mince pies and gooey chocolate fudge all December long, so let's not forget about giving our pets a yummy treat too!

From juicy bones and silky cats' milk to carrot nibble sticks and bacon strips, there's a special treat for every pet. 

Celebrate all the furry friends in your life with Asda's range of pet gifts and treats online and in-store