Potato, squash, beetroot & orange bake

9 Christmas vegetable side dishes to steal the show

Main-dish pairings that pack a real punch

9 Christmas vegetable side dishes to steal the show

If your idea of a perfect Christmas dinner is everything but the vegetables, you've probably been doing them all wrong.

Forget those mushy Brussels sprouts and disappointing roasties, these fabulous twists on classic veggie sides will really wow friends and family. Whether you're dishing up succulent lambtraditional turkey or a juicy ham, these seasonal sides make the perfect Christmas dinner accompaniment.

From al dente greens with pancetta to zesty baby vegetables, you'll have to act quickly at the dinner table if you want to get your fill of these tasty Christmas vegetables.

Roasted carrots with tahini and pomegranate seeds

There are so many different ways to cook the wonderful carrot, and boiling to oblivion should not an option. In this easy side dish, the traditional roast root veg gets a Middle Eastern update with a tahini sauce, pomegranate seeds and coriander sprinkled over the top.

Potato, squash, beetroot & orange bake

There's something so festive about sweet orange paired with earthy root veg, and the best part about this colourful potato, squash, beetroot and orange bake is that everything is cooked on one tray - simple! 


Butternut squash dauphinoise

Expand your horizons this Christmas and try this rather indulgent and creamy side. Cream, thyme and garlic combine to create a delicious, smooth flavour with elements of sweetness from the squash and crunch from the walnuts.

Baby veg with marmalade glaze

Marmalade really helps to bring out the natural sweetness of carrots, leeks and parsnips, making them the perfect accompaniment to your super savoury meaty mains and crunchy roasties. Sweet, fruity, fresh and tender, those flimsy bland carrots are a thing of Christmas past.

ultimate roast potatoes

Ultimate roast potatoes may only have two ingredients, but his go-to spuds recipe is a real crowd-pleaser. Frying your roasties in goose fat will give them a beautiful crunchy texture on the outside, while keeping the insides nice and fluffy. 

Brussels sprouts with pancetta

Not the biggest fan of Brussels sprouts? The humble veg is sure to go up a notch or two in your estimations once you've tasted this recipe with crispy pancetta, lemon and thyme. 

Sage and onion boulangÈre

Layered potatoes with onions, herbs and melted cheese make for a wonderful and delicious side. Although no roast dinner would be complete without a crispy roast potato, why not give your guests two options this year...plus this version will keep better for the following day.

Roast parsnips with maple syrup and mustard

Roast and freeze the parsnips now, then add the mustard and syrup glaze on the special day. Who said Christmas lunch had to be stressful?

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