Here’s how the cost of Christmas has changed over the decades

This clever price comparison tool shows the cost of Christmas past

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Here’s how the cost of Christmas has changed over the decades

Every year, it seems like Christmas just gets more and more over the top and expensive. But are we really spending more than we used to, say, 10 years ago? 

Well, to answer that very question, a new online tool has just been launched that lets you see at a glance how the cost of Christmas has changed over the decades, from the cost of your turkey to the price of the best-selling toy each year.

The Cost of Christmas Past tool has been created by interiors specialists Hillarys and all you need to do is enter a year between 1968 and 2015 to reveal what you would have paid for your Christmas dinner, the best-selling present of that year, the average cost of a 6ft Christmas tree and even a lump of coal. 

For example, 2015 offered Christmas dinner for a steal at just £37.37 and a Christmas tree for just £24.99 - compared to 1975 when Christmas dinner cost £54.94 and shoppers had to stump up £208 on the average Christmas tree (all prices have been adjusted by inflation to today’s money).

Try the tool below and take a walk down memory lane as you scroll down and check out the must-have toys year-by-year, as well as discovering how your festive celebrations compare to those of your parents'. 

Not that it's all about money of course - as we all know, the chance to spend some quality time with your friends and family and enjoy a delicious meal together is priceless!