7 easy Christmas craft ideas for the family

Add festive cheer to your home with these creative ideas

7 easy Christmas craft ideas for the family

We all know kids love the festive season, but now you can build up the anticipation for the big day even more with these brilliant and easy Christmas crafts ideas.

From making a reindeer Christmas card using a footprint for a face to homemade snowglobes using jam jars and salt, these ideas will fill your home and family with joy.

Cutlery holders

Add a pop of festive colour to your table this year with these Father Christmas-inspired cutlery holders.

To make them, gather some toilet roll tubes and flatten them. On one side of the tube, cut out two semi-circles at the top and bottom. Then cover the tubes in red and green coloured tissue paper (as seen in the image below).

To make the belt, cut out a 2cm wide strip from a black piece of paper and fold it around the tube and secure it with glue at the black. Then for the buckle, cut out a square from some yellow tissue paper and stick it on top of the belt.

Cut out two small circles for the buttons and stick down with glue. 



Christmas cards

Grandparents will love receiving these reindeer cards made using your child's footprint! They're so personal and a fun way to see how much little ones have grown.

DIY snowglobes

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with these pretty snowglobes. All you need is a jam or mason jar, glitter or coarse sea salt, waterproof glue and then some small toy animals or Christmas ornaments to sit inside. 

Hand print Christmas wreath

This pretty wreath is made using your little one's handprint and some coloured paper, scissors, glue and a festive ribbon.

Egg carton penguins

Don't toss that empty egg carton out! Save it for these adorable mini penguins made with black paint, paper and glue. Or why not paint them white for mini polar bears?

Stone snowmen

Collect different sized stones from the park or garden, then paint them white and stack them high to make these sweet snowmen.

Bird feeders

These pretty bird feeders are shaped using cookie cutters and are a lovely way to entice chirping birds into your garden. Find more clever uses for your cookie cutters here. 

Marshmallow snowmen

Let kids make these cute snowmen and then gobble them up afterwards with a cup of hot chocolate. All you need is some marshmallows, salted sticks, melted chocolate and an orange sweet for the nose. 

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