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A guide to creating the ultimate festive grazing board

With only a few steps, you can whip up this festive grazing board fit for any Christmas occasion

A guide to creating the ultimate festive grazing board

Ever wondered what the ultimate Christmas treat is? Sure, we love a Christmas pud, would do anything for a mince pie and a piece of chocolate yule log. But listen up, because we've got something better than all those things... the ultimate festive grazing board! It's packed full with mini mince pies, chocolate truffles, nougat, special Christmas florentines and so much more. Swoon! 

You can add absolutely anything to your grazing board, we have put together a few of our fave treats but you can get creative and add anything you want! Start building from the outside in with your smaller treats and build into the middle with the bigger sweets. Top tip: add colour and vibrance with berry fruits, pomegranate seeds, and mouthwatering macarons.

How to build your festive grazing board 

Your ultimate grazing board list

Asda Macarons

Dipping mini donuts with salted caramel dip 

Praline chocolate selection

Extra Special Caramelised Mixed Nuts

Extra Special Chocolate Coated Brazil Nuts

 Extra Special Chocolate & Cocoa Coated Almonds

Extra Special Sour Cherry Nougat Bar

10 Gingerbread Festive Friends

 ASDA Extra Special Chocolate Florentines

ASDA Extra Special Chocolate Nut Selection 

ASDA Extra Special Luxury Mini Mince Pies 

ASDA Extra Special Gin & Sloe Gin Chocolate Truffles 


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