Why being gluten-free doesn’t have to mean missing out this Christmas

There are loads of gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free festive products to choose from!

By Alison Lynch, 29 November 2016
Why being gluten-free doesn’t have to mean missing out this Christmas

If you're hosting Christmas this year, there's no need to fear those three words: 'special dietary requirements'. 

Coeliac sufferer Louise Robinson used to feel like a nuisance at Christmas time: "You really felt like a pain and that you were putting everyone out"

These days, there are lots of tailored festive products that mean those on gluten, dairy or wheat-free diets can still enjoy a delicious Christmas feast.

It hasn't always been the case. Despite one person in every 100 in the UK suffering from coeliac disease - an autoimmune condition where the only treatment is to totally eradicate gluten from the diet - gluten-free alternatives for your favourite Christmas treats could be tricky to find. 

Coeliac sufferer Louise Robinson told us how it used to make her feel like a bit of a nuisance at Christmas time. "You really felt like a pain and that you were putting everyone out," she recalls.

She would often end up with stomach-ache anyway, because it was hard to keep the gluten-free options separate from everyone else's food.

"Then you have to spend the rest of the evening pretending you're fine when you're actually in agony, but you'd never tell anyone because of all the trouble they've gone to!!" Louise explains.

She now recommends hosting Christmas dinner at your own house and just giving everyone a totally gluten-free meal - as poultry and vegetables are naturally free from gluten (just remember to use some Free From flour if you want to crisp up your roast potatoes), you only need to source the trimmings. 

And the great news is that Asda's Free From range, which caters for gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free diets, contains loads of Christmas goodies that everyone will love. 

Here are just some of the new products that mean those with special dietary requirements don't have to miss out!

Gingerbread house

Nothing will get you in the festive mood quite like cooking and constructing your own gingerbread house.

This Free From Gingerbread House Kit is easy to make, will fill your house with delicious Christmas smells and it's both gluten and dairy-free (providing you replace the butter with a dairy-free alternative). 


Gravy is, as we all know, the magic ingredient that pulls a good roast together.

Kallo's stock cubes are both gluten and lactose-free (you can choose either vegetarian or chicken). So all you need to do is add boiling water - plus the meat juices if you wish - and serve. If it needs thickening, stir in a little corn flour. 

Herb and citrus stuffing

To make this delicious stuffing recipe suitable for those who can't tolerate gluten just use gluten-free bread for your breadcrumbs instead. Simple! 

Pigs in blankets


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We don't know why we only eat pigs in blankets at Christmas because they're one of the best bits of the whole meal. 

While we ponder that, to make them gluten-free, just pick up these Extra Special Chipolatas online or in-store. 

Yorkshire puddings


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They're traditionally served with roast beef, but rules are made to be broken, so why not enjoy them with your turkey as well? You'll have people fighting over these gluten-free Yorkshire puds. 

Clementine cake

If you don't fancy a heavy Christmas dessert, you could make this zesty traybake instead. It's moist, fruity and, yes you've guessed it, totally gluten-free. 

Christmas pudding

If you prefer a classic Christmas dessert though (and still have room!), there's nothing richer or more festive than a Christmas pud. This one is wheat, dairy and gluten-free. 

Mince pies

Having people around before Christmas for a glass of mulled wine and some mince pies? Opt for a box of Free From mince pies and you don't have to worry about having to leave anyone out. 

For more delicious Free From options, including salmon & dill fishcakes, gingerbread men and a chocolate yule log, check out the range online and in-store.