12 Hilarious Christmas Tree Fails

'Tis the season to wrestle with lights, accidentally break the ornaments, and desperately try to keep pets and children away from the tree

12 Hilarious Christmas Tree Fails

'Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how frustrating are thy branches...!'

We've all experienced the odd festive blunder or two. Whether it's a Christmas tree fail like the ones below,  leaving the turkey in for a little too long or getting caught putting Santa's gifts underneath the tree, a few holiday mishaps each year are practically a Christmas tradition of their own. 

From trees that are too big to fit into the house to furry friends wanting to get in on the fun, we've rounded up some of the funniest Christmas tree fails on the internet. Get ready for a giggle with these hilarious holiday decorating mishaps...

1. Oh dear! Hey, we've all done it...

2. 'That cat ornament is so life-like...'


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3. And this is why it's a good idea to check the lights BEFORE you string them up

4. Cat owners can relate!


Christmas with cats #catsofinstagram #cutepetclub #catschristmas #christmastreefail

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5. This is what happens when you let the children decorate on their own

6. 'It wasn't me, I swear!'

7. Why you should always remember to water your tree

8. This isn't going to end well...


Yep. That's a cat. #hefellandilaughed #ChristmasTreeFail

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9. And you thought that fake trees were fool-proof...


Oh that's right... we're geniuses!!!!! #ChristmasFail #ChristmasTreeFail

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10. A valuable lesson about decorating trees with toddlers in the house

11. 'It will DEFINITELY fit... or maybe not

12. 'Are you SURE everything is plugged in?'

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