Chocolate meringue

Homemade edible gifts to make this Christmas

Whip up some extra special holiday treats this year with our round-up of budget-friendly ideas

Homemade edible gifts to make this Christmas

Christmas shopping can be overwhelming, to say the least. When you're racing around at the last minute with little idea of what you're looking for, remember the old adage, 'it's the thought that counts'. 

By making something yourself, it's patently clear how much you care. Plus, who wouldn't want to receive something delicious that they can devour over the Christmas holidays?

From chocolatey treats to homemade chutneys and more, we’ve rounded up some fantastic edible homemade Christmas gift ideas that simply require a little time in the kitchen…


Gift a bottle or two of this zesty clemencello – an orange-flavoured twist on limoncello, obviously. Using just three ingredients – clementines, vodka and caster sugar – we advise making a big batch so you can keep some for yourself!

gooey christmas pudding cookies 

When in doubt, say it with cookies. Made with squidgy Christmas pudding, butter and maple syrup, these cookies are best served with a chilled glass of milk (why not gift them with a little bottle of cow's milk or nut milk, so they're ready to tuck into!).

Cranberry Florentines

Packed with cranberries, cherries and almonds these Florentines couldn't be any simpler to make. Once you've whipped up a batch, stack them on top of each other and place in a pretty bag with some string and a name tag. We think they'd make the perfect stocking filler. 

date and ginger chutney 

A homemade jar of chutney is a fantastic present – after all, it'll help all those Christmas leftovers go down! Sweet and sticky, this will be delicious served with cold meats, cheese and bread.


milk chocolate marshmallow teacakes 

Your loved ones will be touched by the effort you've gone to making these milk chocolate marshmallow teacakes (though they're easier than they look!). This recipe makes a whopping 25, so you can divvy them up for your nearest and dearest to enjoy.  

espresso biscotti

They may sound fancy, but biscotti are incredibly easy to make. Delicious served with a glass of Vin Santo or a cup of coffee, they also look super pretty packaged up in a clear gift bag or colourful tin.

chocolate and orange brownies 

We can't think of a better Christmas present than a big batch of these chocolate and orange brownies. Using a simple brownie batter, the zest and juice of a large orange have been stirred in for a festive twist.


giant chocolate swirl meringues

Fill a gift bag with a few of these giant swirl meringues – they look incredible, but are deceptively easy to make. Ripple melted chocolate through your meringue mixture before baking, and then drizzle more over the top once they've cooled down. 

Christmas chocolate shards

Made with four different types of chocolate, dried cranberries and crunchy pistachios, these chocolate shards are a real crowd-pleaser. Once you've made them, pack them into a box and tie with a festive ribbon for a deliciously sweet homemade gift. 

Christmas chocolate shards

Panforte squares

Bursting with nuts and dried fruit, this rich, sticky cake is traditionally served after a meal with coffee or dessert wine. Once you've made the panforte, cut it into squares and gift to friends and family. You could even throw in a bag of coffee or bottle of wine for the full Italian experience. 

Peanut butter fudge

This peanut butter fudge recipe only requires six ingredients and most of them (like the butter, milk and sugar) you probably already have at home. Since they take just 30 minutes to cook, they couldn't really be any simpler! We've packaged ours in a pretty jar and added festive string and a gifttag. Who wouldn't love to see that under their Christmas tree?

Peanut truffles

These delectable three-ingredient truffles are a great gift to make with kids. Simply mix peanut butter and melted white chocolate until well combined. Cool in the fridge for 10 minutes and then while the mixture is still slightly soft, divide into 24 pieces and shape into balls. Chill for 10 minutes more then roll each ball in chocolate sprinkles and pop into a festive bag like these ones seen below. Just check any allergies with parents before gifting these to children.


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