5 homemade hampers that will totally tap into their passion

Whether they're foodie or a home lover, we've got the hamper for them

5 homemade hampers that will totally tap into their passion

Beautiful Christmas hampers filled with treats and wrapped with a big bow are a lovely festive gift. 

To make it more personal - and ensure everything in there is something your friend or loved one will absolutely love - why not put together your own hamper this year?

It's easier than you think. Simply pick a theme based on that person's interests, choose a pretty basket, a hamper or a festive box (George has a great range of storage options which can then be re-used in the home) and get to work, like a busy little elf! 

We've offered our own theme suggestions and gift ideas below to give you a little extra inspiration, along with some tips on how to wrap it all up ready for Christmas morning. 

For those who love to be pampered

Treat the VIP in your life with a gorgeous selection of styling tongs, make-up tools or grooming products, candles and home spa gifts. 

Arrange it all in this pretty George willow heart basket and they'll also have the perfect place to store all their beauty goodies for the rest of the year. 

For the foodie


If they're always booking up the latest must-visit pop-up restaurants and cooking up a storm in the kitchen, then fill this hamper-style storage trunk with lots of treats, including chocolates, homemade food gifts (check out all our ideas here), special cheeses, a celebrity cookbook and biscuits to nibble on. You could even pop in a barista set so they can even make their own coffee art!

For the whole family

Instead of individual stockings, you could make up a fun hamper for the whole family to dive into on Christmas day! Use this nice striped storage box and pop in a selection of chocolate goodies, a board game for after dinner, some fun festive crackers to pull together and a DVD you can all watch when you've eaten your fill of turkey. 

For the young sports fan

Know someone who's always outdoor playing sports? Then, fill this football pop-up storage box with all the gear they'll need for their favourite activities, from stylish sweatshirts, to a new bag to carry their kit in, to cool sports-themed accessories. Plus, you could always squeeze in an indoor game for the the colder months! 

For the home lover

If you know someone who just loves to shut the curtains of an evening and curl up on the sofa with their loved ones, then this Hygge-inspired hamper is for them. Use this white rope basket (which doubles up as a great storage solution) and fill it with super-soft throws, cushions, candles, ornaments and pretty lamps, to soothe the soul. 

Putting your hamper together

To get your hamper ready for gifting, you'll need shredded paper in a festive colour to match your gifts, along with scrap paper in the same colour, some cellophane wrap, sellotape and ribbon

Then, simply scrunch up the scrap paper and squish it in the bottom of your hamper, then add shredded paper so it spills over the sides. 

Next, place your gifts in the hamper, with the taller items at the back and the smaller ones at the front (you'll leave the lid off for presenting). 

Then, cut the cellophane into large rectangles, place the hamper in the centre and pull the corners of the cellophane up to meet above the hamper, before securing with sellotape.

Finally, wrap a big festive bow around the sellotape and curl the ends. Then, simply it under the tree on Christmas morning for them to discover! 

For more Christmas gift ideas, head to or your local Asda store