The Best Way To Hang Christmas Lights, According To This Expert

Apparently we've been doing it wrong all along!

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The Best Way To Hang Christmas Lights, According To This Expert

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the many highlights of the holiday season - a time to bring out glittering tinsel, shiny baubles and of course, twinkling lights.

Families may playfully bicker over who gets to put up the star or where mum's favourite ornament should go, but when it comes to Christmas tree lights, there never seemed to be any debate (just a lot of untangling!).

Most people wrap the lights around the tree horizontally - coiling them around in circles from the bottom to the top. But according to one designer, this method is actually all wrong!

Designer Francesco Bilotto claims that Christmas tree lights should be draped vertically instead, as this prevents them from getting lost in the middle of the tree.

"This way every tip of your tree, from branch to branch, will twinkle with delight," says Francesco. 


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Intrigued? Here's how to do it:

Francesco recommends taking the end of your lights that doesn't have the plug and starting at the top of the tree, then letting your lights hang down to the bottom. Next, pull your lights to the right three or four inches, then proceed to work your way up the tree until you get to the top before working your way back down again. Repeat this process until your entire tree is covered. 

Check out the video below to see the first steps:


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Francesco also recommends hanging your shiniest ornaments deeper inside the tree so that the light will reflect off of them.

Still not convinced?

"Another added bonus is when you dismantle your tree and take off the lights, it'll be easier and less messy to remove strands from the exterior of the tree — rather than fighting a stubborn almost dried branch," he says.

Now that we can get on board with! 

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