How we’re making Christmas Extra Special this year

Our brand new Christmas 2019 TV ad is here!

How we’re making Christmas Extra Special this year

Yet again, we’ve been one of the first supermarkets to launch our Christmas TV advert this year – and this sweet Christmas story is definitely going to pull at your heartstrings.

Last Saturday, our new ‘Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special’ advert aired for the first time on TV. The tale behind this year’s campaign shows how a little act of generosity from a young girl, inspired by stories from her Grandad, can snowball into something bigger, more exciting and altogether more magical. Tilly is on her way home with her brother Jack when she spots the beautiful Northern Lights in the sky and sets about capturing ‘Santa’s leftover magic’ with a makeshift rod.

Once she has captured the magic, Tilly and Jack share it’s glow with the people that live in their neighbourhood – transforming their grey surroundings into a winter wonderland. 

But when they return home, the children realise they have used up all of their magic spreading joy and no longer have any left for themselves. Deflated Tilly goes to bed, but Jack has a brainwave and whilst Tilly is asleep he uses the rod to collect more magic, leaving it by Tilly’s bed as a surprise for her to wake up to the next morning. 

Watch the enchanting advert in full here:

Check out our Behind the Scenes video to see exactly how it was made.

To coincide with this magical TV ad, we’re making the Christmas cheer go a little bit further this year by donating even more money to local causes through our in-store green token scheme. As part of our Christmas campaign, each charity will receive a special ‘Green Jar’ -  like the one Tilly uses to share the magic in her local community. The charity that receives the most Green Tokens from Asda customers will receive £1,000, whilst the two runners up will receive £500 each. We’ll also be distributing hundreds of Local Impact Grants during the Christmas period to further spread the Christmas magic in local communities.

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