James Corden perfectly sums up our Secret Santa nightmares

There's a price limit for a reason, people!

James Corden perfectly sums up our Secret Santa nightmares

Ah, the office Secret Santa - a company tradition that's meant to be fun and light-hearted, yet somehow more often than not ends up being pretty awkward and very stressful. Do you go for a joke gift or something that they might actually want? Is a gift card cheating? The price limit might be a tenner but if you're gifting to your boss then you should probably spend a bit more, right? 

Not to mention how awkward it is when everyone stands around and watches you open the gift, lest you show any signs of disappointment. 

James Corden of carpool karaoke fame knows the horrors of the office Secret Santa all too well, as the hilarious clip below proves. Watch the sketch and try not to cringe as the The Late Late Show staff exchange their Secret Santa gifts.

The staff gift exchange starts out well enough, with James laughing a little too much at his own joke. "Let's get started with the old Secret Santa—or as I like to call it, Confidentiality Clause."

The office gift limit is set at $15 (about £12), and James tells his staff that "Christmas isn't about expensive gifts... it's about considering someone else on the team, considering their personality, and crafting something that they will love, because it came from there," pointing to his chest. "From the heart."

Well, it's a lovely sentiment James but as anyone who's partaken in an awkward company Secret Santa knows, it's not always so simple! 

One by one, the staff member gift each other amazing and very expensive gifts, including an Apple TV, an X-Box, a first-edition copy of Charles Dickens's The Christmas Carol, and even a new car! Unfortunately only James stuck to the £12 spending limit, much to his annoyance. 

In the words of James Corden, "there's a reason there are rules!"

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