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Get a sneak peek into what Mary Berry’s Christmas Day will be like this year

A delicious pudding is obviously involved

Get a sneak peek into what Mary Berry’s Christmas Day will be like this year

The Queen of baking (and of our hearts) has given us a small glimpse into what she'll be up to this Christmas Day, and it sounds perfectly lovely.

Mary Berry will be whipping up a feast for 13 of her loved ones this festive season, plus a few furry friends as well. Ah, what we wouldn't give to get an invite to the Berry household for the holidays! 

'All of the family are round ours for Christmas, we go to church at 8am before heading back home to prepare,' she told Metro.
'I look forward to getting the whole family together. There will be about 13 of us and three dogs and I don’t mind one bit.'

No word yet on what exactly will be on her holiday menu (last year, she transported a turkey on Christmas Day by cooking the meat in her oven before placing it in the boot of her car to rest during the hour-long journey to her daughter’s house) but she did reveal that an absolute must-have is her son’s favourite; homemade trifle. Sounds delicious! 

When it comes to cooking the perfect Christmas feast, does Mary have any tips for us? Of course she does! 

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Mary revealed that she likes to cook her spuds the day before Christmas.

'I say cook the potatoes to perfection on Christmas Eve, drain them of any fat, and put them where the family won’t pinch them when they’re warm.'

'Then, you can just pop them back in the oven on the day to crispen them up.’ Genius!

Hopefully, we'll be getting more tips and treats from Mary Berry soon in the Bake Off holiday special, as well her new BBC Two cookery series next year. Mary Christmas!