24 signs Christmas is coming

You know Christmas is coming when...

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24 signs Christmas is coming

There are certain things that have to happen every year before we will accept that the festive period is well and truly upon us - and that we really have to get on with our Christmas shopping! 

You know the signs - the Christmas ads on the TV, the return of that famous red truck and the annual switching on of the Christmas lights with whichever X Factor contestant/reality TV star is riding high that year.

In other words, Christmas is definitely on its way when....

1. You've already had about 25 emails from your friends about visiting a Christmas market.

2. The Coca-Cola truck rolls into town with its famous jaunty 'Holidays are coming' jingle. 

3. Every ad on the TV now lasts about 10 minutes. 

4. Those lights that have been up in your high street since the summer have finally been switched on. 

5. Just popping out to pick up 'a few bits' at the shops is now a mission because every high street is a scrum of people hunting down wrapping paper and Hatchimals. 

6. Your parents have already asked you what you want for Christmas dinner so they can pre-order the turkey. You've also been asked to submit a Christmas list as a matter of urgency. 

7. It's now totally acceptable to watch Love Actually, Elf and Die Hard (yes it is a Christmas film) as often as you like. 

8. Christmas jumpers are considered perfectly viable office-wear.  

9. You've drawn a name out of the hat for Secret Santa at work and immediately told all your friends who you got. 

10. There's a family bust-up brewing in Albert Square. 

11. The bumper edition of the Radio Times is out and you're tempted to buy it and start circling things even though you don't even use a TV guide anymore. 

12. You have already overdosed on cranberry sauce. 

13. You've already had a heated family discussion about whether to get a real or fake tree.

14. In every fancy department store, you'll find a giant stack of panettone and every garage has a poinsettia display. 

15. You've already bought a Christmas scented candle

16. There have already been news articles about changes to Quality Street and Roses tubs.

17. You start hearing Mariah Carey everywhere you go. 

18. You're perpetually tired/on the verge of a cold.

19. You can't really see your computer screen anymore because one of your work colleagues decided to make the office 'festive' and covered your computer with tinsel. 

20. Chocolate now comes by the yard.

21. The office Christmas party invite has already landed in your in-box. 

22. You suddenly want to buy Terry's Chocolate Oranges, Matchsticks, After Eights, bags of chocolate gold coins and Ferrero Rocher every time you go shopping. 

23. You refuse to buy any clothes that don't have either glitter or feathers on them.

24. And last, but not least, you know it's Christmas when Noddy Holder says it is.