You Have To See This Incredible “Let It Go” Christmas Light Show

The coolest lighting display around

You Have To See This Incredible “Let It Go” Christmas Light Show

One of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing all the shops, streets, and houses transformed into a sea of twinkling lights. But one family has taken their holiday display to the extreme and the results are absolutely amazing.

Since 2010, the Storms family in Texas, USA have been creating stunning holiday light shows in time with popular songs and this year they've created possibly the coolest one ever.

Paired with the smash hit 'Let It Go' from Disney's Frozen, this spectacular display took months to plan and uses tens of thousands of lights. Watch it below (singing along highly encouraged!):

Isn't that amazing? We could watch this twinkling display all night! Not only does the show feature lots of icy cool blue lights, but they're also perfectly timed with the music. 

Even though the massive masterpiece uses more than 25,000 lights, it only costs about £5 to run because the Storms use LED lights. Not too shabby!

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