5 things you’ll need to make an eggcellent Easter egg hunt

The kids will love running round looking for chocolate

5 things you’ll need to make an eggcellent Easter egg hunt

Hunting for hidden chocolate has got to be the most exciting way for kids (and adults) to celebrate Easter.

Go all out and decorate your garden with some pretty bunting.

And with a little bit of patience and some imagination, it's easy to create an Easter egg hunt that everyone will absolutely love. Simply hide wrapped Easter eggs indoors or outdoors - depending on the weather - and watch the kids get a little bit competitive. 

Just be sure to make yourself a list of everywhere you’ve hidden the eggs. Not only can you help any children struggling to find the goodies, but it means you won’t be finding out-of-date melted chocolate in the middle of summer!

To make it the best Easter egg hunt ever, we've put together a few things you'll need. 

Fillable eggs 

What does every Easter egg hunt need? Fillable plastic eggs, of course, to fill with sweets, small pieces of chocolate and toys (great for limiting the chocolate intake). They will also help keep the bugs from attacking your treats... 

Chocolate eggs 

The kids will love these edible Easter eggs, which are the perfect size for any hunt. In the box you'll find one large milk chocolate egg, 20 mini milk chocolate Easter eggs and four pop out signposts so you can direct your little ones to the right place!

Easter egg basket

Plastic bags just aren't as exciting as these cute Easter buckets. They'll love picking their own to re-use every year and filling them up with all their goodies.

Brilliant Bunting

Go all out and decorate your garden (or designated Easter egg hunt area) with some pretty bunting. 

An Easter Bunny

It wouldn't be Easter without a magical bunny. These fabulous characters, which come in white and tan colour, would make the perfect prize for the winner of the Easter egg hunt. Who wouldn't love to win a cute cuddly toy? 

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