Behind the scenes of Asda’s brilliant Halloween TV advert

Behind the scenes of Asda’s brilliant Halloween TV advert

You won't believe how long it took for one family to be transformed into werewolves! Awwwooooo

Listen up, boys and ghouls! This Halloween, you can be as scary or as sweet as you like - there are no rules when it comes to celebrating this hair-raising holiday.

That's why Asda's 'Halloween your way' campaign has everything you need for the perfect fright fest, including petrifying party decorations, spooky snacks, and the all-important Halloween costume.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be tricky – especially if you're a werewolf! That was the idea behind Asda's super sweet Halloween advert, where the youngest member of a werewolf family decides that he doesn't want to be a werewolf for Halloween this year. Werewolf wonder-mum knows just where to go to get her son the perfect costume! Watch what happens below:

The advert has had a great reaction from social media, with people saying how cute this friendly werewolf family are, plus sharing how they're doing Halloween their own way! 

Check out some brilliant behind-the-scenes shots from the Halloween advert below.

Even werewolves need to break for lunch! Here's a pic of mum and dad werewolf wolfing down (sorry...) some food inbetween takes. 

The brilliant actors who played the werewolf children had to spend so much time in make-up, that they became like actual brother and sister, 'laughing and joking with each other!'

Papa werewolf just can't resist taking a selfie on set!

Those werewolves certainly do look life-like! Go behind-the-scenes with Asda to discover how a regular family was transformed into a werewolf family (it involves two hours of make-up!).

Aren't they sweet? Pick up Halloween costumes for boys and girls of all ages, plus frightfully fabulous Halloween party decorations, food, accessories and more at Asda