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3 terrifying Halloween face paint ideas to up your costume game

Creepy costume? Now add some frightening finishing touches to complete the look

3 terrifying Halloween face paint ideas to up your costume game

Whether you're heading out trick or treating or going to a Halloween party, take your costume to the next level with some impressive matching face paint to complete your look.

Adults and children alike can rock a bit of face paint this spooky season. Scroll on for three easy to follow Halloween face paint ideas...

Day of the Dead

Sugar skull

Paint the entire face in white paint, leaving the hollows around the eyes bare. Once dry, dampen a sponge and sweep a cheer layer of blue from the temples all the way down to the hollows of the cheekbones.

Death stare

Using a paintbrush, draw black circles around the eyes covering the eyebrow and fill in with a thick, opaque colour. Outline the black circles with red 'frills' and fill them in.

Devilish details

For the nose, trace an upside-down black heart on the nose tip and fill in. Then, using the natural lip curves, draw vertical lines over the mouth, starting slightly above the bow and ending on the lower lip to create scary teeth. Add swirls as you please, from the outer corners of the mouth following the natural curves of the face.

Blooms of doom

Using blue and pink or red face paints, draw flowers on the forehead and chin, using the designs from your costume as a guide. Do a small dot for the centre point of the flower, then use a brush or sponge to add petals. For an extra touch, stick jewels to your flowers and between your eyes, if you like.


Crazy eyes

Apply a white base all over the face with a dry sponge, leaving two bare circles around the eyes. Fill in your natural eyebrows with a black face paint. Then, draw an arched brow slightly above your natural browline to give a surprised look. Use the same black paint to draw deep smile lines, starting from the side of the nose to the chin on both sides of the face. Outline the lashline of your eyes in black.

Purple reigns

Take a purple face paint and fill in the bar circles around your eyes, from eyelids to blacked-out brows and underneath the lower lids. Use your brush to smudge and blend the colour to give a smoky finish around the eyes.

Beetle beard

Brush green face paint over any facial hair on the upper lip or chin and into any forehead lines. Then, taking a sponge, add splodges of green around the face and neck for an eerie neon finish.

Wicked witch

Bewitching base

Apply a white base all over the face with a sponge and leave to dry. Using a pink paint, gently press your sponge across the forehead, cheekbones and along the jaw.

Black magic

Using black face paint, draw thick eyebrows over your own, adding a sharp point to the start of the brow and the arch to give an angry appearance. Line the eyes along the lower and upper lash lines, adding a sharp wine to the outer corners to elongate the eye. Blend a dark eyeshadow colour into the inner corners of the eyes and down the sides of the nose. Finally, colour the lips entirely in black, using a lipstick or face paint.

A tangled web

Draw a spiderweb at the corners of the eyes and along the cheekbones. Using the black paint and a small brush, begin with five horizontal lines following the natural curve of the face, and then add the vertical lines. If you're feeling really brave, paint a freehand scary spider to the middle of the forehead, too.

Have our ghoulishly good Halloween face paint ideas got you dreaming up a spine-chilling costume this spooky season? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at or pop into your local store.