Everything you need for a spooktacular Halloween night in

Get ready for a spook-fest like no other... in the comfort of your own home!

Everything you need for a spooktacular Halloween night in

Who's excited for Halloween? As Autumn draws in, we're gearing up for cosy nights in and all the Halloween themed treats we can get our hands on!

With our pumpkin spiced lattes in hand and fave Halloween movies ready on the box, here's how to have an action-packed Halloween night without having to leave the front door.

Forget traipsing the dark streets – bring the freaky festivities indoors for some awfully affordable fun.

10 ways to have a happy halloween


1) Carve a pumpkin!

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without some fun pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns to scare the family! Scoop out the insides, use a carving kit* to create a face or other design, then pop in a battery tealight for a gruesome glow. Find ideas here.

2) do creepy crafting

If things aren’t going bump in the night where you live, never fear. You can make your own paper haunted house! No real ghosts required. For more fangtastic Halloween crafting ideas click here.


3) Set the mood...

Compile a playlist of chilling tunes. Monster Mash (Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers), Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr) and Ghost Town (The Specials) are perfect for zombie dancing! Or simply tune in to Asda Radio’s Halloween takeover on the 31st. Stream at

4) put on a puppet show

Create creepy characters using craft or lolly sticks, paint, felt pens and wiggly eyes, then spook the family with a show. 

5) At home trick or treat 

If you can’t go out trick or treating with the kid’s this year why not do it at home instead? Turn it into a game – get a family member to hide behind doors in the house and start knocking for treats. Will there be someone behind the door or will it be a ghoulish trick!

6) Pin the hat on the witch

 Take it in turns to see who gets closest to pinning the hat on the wicked witch! Cover your eyes, spin around three times and try to hit the right spot. (Winner gets out of doing the washing-up!)

7) Watch spooky movies

What better way to spend Halloween than enjoying a spooky movie night? Turn off the lights, draw the curtains, and have fun scaring yourself silly with an age-appropriate film. 


8) Play games

If you don’t fancy getting soaked during a traditional round of apple bobbing, opt for something just as fun, but less soggy. Bring out your scarily competitive side with a Halloween-themed game!

9) Sleep in a den of doom

Camp out in the lounge and make a den out of blankets and pillows. Afraid of the dark? This bony battery lantern will give your hideaway a comforting glow...

10) go on a pumpkin trail

This year's 'trick or treat' outing has just got a makeover - staying safe AND spooky! Take your little ones on a pumpkin trail and count how many spooky pumpkins you can spot in the windows and doorways of your neighbourhood. Or maybe you can be part of it? How about carving your own pumpkin or trying your hand at other creepy creations to help the kids along their trail.


11) Let's get quizzical! 

The ultimate Halloween quiz for kids! Have you been reading your books at ghoul school? Gather your little ones and join in with this spooky quiz – why not have a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd!


1) Which vegetable was originally used to carve jack-o’-lanterns?

a) Spinach

b) Celery

c) Peppers

d) Turnips


2) A witch is commonly associated with which animal?

a) Black cat

b) Black spider

c) Green frog

d) White sheep


3) Which fruit would you usually ‘bob’ for on Halloween?

a) Bananas

b) Apples

c) Kiwis

d) Lemons


4) Where do vampire bats live?

a) Ireland

b) U.K

c) Mexico

d) North and South America


5) Who is ‘Dracula’

a) A vampire

b) A dog

c) A type of fruit

d) A celebrity


6) Which day does Halloween fall?

a) November 2nd

b) October 31st

c) October 30th

d) September 15th


7) Complete the following witches chant: double, double, toil and ...?


8) What type of vegetable is used to frighten vampires away?

a) Carrot

b) Turnip

c) Onion

d) Celery


9) What do kids usually get when they go trick or treating?

a) Flowers

b) Candy

c) Cereal

d) Fruit


10) Witches love to fly on what?

a) Cars

b) Planes

c) Broomsticks

d) Vaccum Cleaner

Halloween Quiz Answers: 1) d 2) a 3) b 4) d 5) a 6) b 7) Trouble 8) c 9) b 10) c

Feel inspired to create your at-home spookfest? Don't forget the kid-friendly snacks! Find everything you will need online or in-store here  

*Children should be supervised by an adult when using sharp tools or components.